Extra Credits - Content Creator Program


Welcome to Extra Credits, Pirates!

Extra Credits is about bringing together dedicated content creators and providing them with fun initiatives for the community. For example, we may ask participants to create a gameplay guide in completing a world, teaching a friend a new game mechanic, celebrating the game's birthday, etc.

Participants are awarded tens of thousands of Crowns worth of in-game items monthly! You will also have access to the program's Discord server, your content may be featured in newsletters and on KI Live, you will be able to suggest future objectives, and much more.

Fansite leaders and similar community contributors are of course welcome and encouraged to sign up.

Anyone is free to contribute to the objective, but only registered Extra Credits participants will get the prizes at the end of the month.


We're excited to announce the latest objective for program participants!

Livestream or record a video of you putting together a new stitch, while explaining what stitching is all about in the game and why you chose the selected gear pieces.

Alternatively, if you wish to support Pride Month, you can create anything around that theme as well but it should also include game references (cool mounts and pets you equip when celebrating the month, unique ways to celebrate with your fellow players, etc.).

When you're ready, share your submission to the rest of the community! Present it on social and include #Pirate101ExtraCredits (you also need to post it in the EC Discord server).

See the Extra Credits Discord for reward details.

For participants, please review the Discord notes and post Qs there. All generated content must be meaningful... no quick one-liners that don't do the objective justice. The previous month's objective rewards will also be sent in the first half of this month.

If you are not yet part of the program, please feel free to apply below! We periodically accept invites throughout the year, so if you are not approved for this month's objective, you will have many future opportunities. Any application questions, email us at extracredits@kingsisle.com.

Not part of the program but love to see new community content? Follow program activity on your favorite social media sites by visiting #Wizard101ExtraCredits, #Pirate101ExtraCredits, and of course #Wizard101 and #Pirate101 hashtags!



  • Be family-friendly, helpful and respectful to all community members
  • Have no significant infractions on any of your game accounts
  • Are in good standing with the community at-large
  • Have produced meaningful regular game content over the past three months
  • Have produced program specific content for at least 50% of the yearly objectives
  • Have at least one social channel or site where you are publishing content
  • Have fun and share your love of the game through the content you create!
'Content' means more than having a casual social account. Examples include: fansite leader or blog writer, coordinating contests, writing regular news, livestreaming, creating gameplay and guide videos, drawing regular game art, etc. Please ask us if you have a question about a particular requirement.

If you have previously produced regular content for the community, we are happy to still consider your application with the expectation that you'll meet content requirements while in the program.



March 25, 2024 Update:Signups are closed for this latest next wave of invites. Thanks to everyone who submitted their interest in being part of this program! We will be making selections in the next couple of weeks. Please keep watch in your email box from extracredits@kingsisle.com by April 12, 2024.

Ready to get some extra credits? Sign up below and we'll review your interest!

You must already be creating regular content for either Wizard101 or Pirate101 to be accepted!

Applying does not grant acceptance. Requests to join will be approved based on the criteria above and at KingsIsle’s discretion. Acceptance may come in a later month. You will be contacted if you are accepted into the program.



Regular participants may be considered as a Quartermaster (Wizard's are known as a Professor's Assistants). Quartermasters are super dedicated to the program and get added recognition and rewards for helping out their fellow players!

Program updates and objectives will be announced in the coming days on the Pirate101 and Wizard101 social media channels and websites. Also keep watch on the Wizard101 program page.

We hope you feel exceptional to be a part of Extra Credits! Remember, you are here to espouse the magic and fun of our games to the rest of the community.

If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to us at extracredits@kingsisle.com. As the program kicks off, we will list common answers to your questions on this page.

Welcome to Extra Credits!

Ratbeard Pirate101 Companion