Code of Conduct

This is the KingsIsle Code of Conduct. By logging in to KingsIsle Entertainment software you understand and abide by this Code.

What is a Code of Conduct?

A code of conduct is a set of rules of behavior that players agree to abide by in order to participate in playing.

Who does this Code of Conduct apply to?

Every single person who enters into the game is agreeing to abide by this Code of Conduct while they are participating in the game, while they are communicating with others within the game, participating in the website or communicating with KingsIsle staff members.

Where can I find this Code of Conduct?

This Code of Conduct can always be accessed through the Code of Conduct link at the bottom of every website page.

Why is there a need for a Code of Conduct?

A Code of Conduct is required to ensure that players are behaving appropriately, and in a way that ensures a safe and positive experience for other players.

What is considered inappropriate behavior?

Foul or offensive language or hate speech, including but not limited to ethnic slurs and religious epithets, as determined by KingsIsle Entertainment staff. Soliciting other players for game information including but not limited to usernames, passwords, Promotional Codes or True Friend Codes.

Soliciting players for personal information including but not limited to email addresses, ages, locations and genders.

Communicating any player’s (yours or another’s) real world information through the use of KingsIsle software or related web sites.

Harassment of other players or KingsIsle Entertainment staff, including but not limited to, threats, stalking, spamming and abuse.

Use of racially or ethnically offensive, sexually explicit, harmful, defamatory, threatening, abusive, violent, obscene, hateful, or otherwise offensive or inappropriate language as determined by KingsIsle Entertainment staff.

Inappropriate language can include statements that in any way resemble, sound like, stand for, hint at, or insinuate any of the following: profanity, sexual content, explicit language, sexual innuendo, references to sexual preferences, racial, ethnic or religious slurs, illegal drugs/controlled substances, and illegal activities.

Arguing with or neglecting to follow instructions of KingsIsle Entertainment staff.

Impersonation of KingsIsle Entertainment personnel.

Misusing Help and abusing channels in the game and on the website, including but not limited to filing false reports or repeated filings of the same report and spamming contact emails, as well as repeated non-confirmed reports that are deemed intentionally false and harassing.

Hacking, exploiting or deliberately using game bugs or loopholes to disrupt the game and/or falsely advance your character.

Disruptive behavior, including, but not limited to, acts that degrade the online service performance or other players’ client Software [for example, excessive shouting (use of all caps), spamming or flooding (continuous posting of repetitive text)].

The use of unauthorized third-party software or macros are prohibited at the sole discretion of KingsIsle Entertainment. Including but not limited to the unauthorized use of third-party software to falsely represent your scores in Mini-Games.

Offering for sale or auction, or otherwise commercially exploiting, accounts, characters, housing, items, currency or coin or any other copyrighted, trademarked or patented material in KingsIsle Entertainment games.

Posting Web links or URLs in the game or Official Message Boards that point to content deemed by KingsIsle Entertainment to be inappropriate, including, without limitation, any Web links or URLs directed to other commercial products or services. You may not post Web links or URLs to any materials (including software and other information) that could harm (or is designed to harm) other users’ computers or would allow others to inappropriately access software or websites. KingsIsle Entertainment does not allow the posting of destructive software, use of computer programs that contain destructive features, or access to any content such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or bots for the use of scrolling, showing multiple screens, and other activities that can be disruptive to online communication.

Use of the Software and/or services for illegal activities. KingsIsle Entertainment is not responsible for anything you say in-game or on our Official Message Boards, or for any consequences that arise from what you say. If you break the law, you alone will be responsible for the consequences. You cannot use our software or services to publish, post, distribute, or disseminate defamatory, infringing, obscene, or other unlawful material, images, text, or information. You may not use the Game or Message Boards for interactions relating to illegal drugs or any illegal purpose. You may not use any chat, profile, or other software or services for the purpose of linking to external sites that violate this Code of Conduct.

What is not considered inappropriate behavior?

Declining Friend Requests, Teleporting to Friends, and calling another player a newb/noob are not considered inappropriate.

In the latter case, we would remind you to make use of the Ignore feature to turn off this player’s ability to send you messages.

Remedies to inappropriate behavior:

A player who violates the Code of Conduct may be warned by KingsIsle Entertainment staff, but some particularly serious violations or repeated violations can result in other sanctions, such as muting, suspension or permanent ban without warning. Note that violation of this code of conduct in any single game can (and will) result in mirrored penalties across all KingsIsle game titles. In addition, we reserve the right to delete characters or entire accounts as we see fit, without warning, for certain violations. KingsIsle Entertainment reserves the right to revoke this license or terminate the service account of anyone who advocates or encourages expressions of violence, bigotry, racism, hatred, or profanity. KingsIsle Entertainment does not tolerate racial, ethnic, sexual, or religious slurs.

While we encourage players to use the features of the game that allow reporting of abuse and violations of the Code of Conduct, please do so with care. Repeated false reports may result in suspension or removal of the reporting player.

All chat is logged and may be reviewed at any time to assist in making decisions regarding violations of the Code of Conduct. This includes, but is not limited to, private chat, open chat and True Friend chat. Note: KingsIsle Entertainment has final say over what constitutes a violation of this Code. KingsIsle Entertainment reserves the right to change the Code of Conduct at any time.