New Class Clockwork Steed Mounts!


Speed Through the Skyways on a Spectacular Ship Mount!

Now through Sunday, September 27th, save on the following ship mounts in the Crown Shop!
  • Mystic Skiff Mount
  • Class Stage Ship Mounts
    • Swashbuckler's Stage Ship
    • Buccaneer's Stage Ship
    • Musketeer's Stage Ship
    • Privateer's Stage Ship
    • Witchdoctor's Stage Ship
  • Class Rowboat Mounts
    • Buccaneer's Pram
    • Musketeer's Dory
    • Privateer's Punt
    • Swashbuckler's Skiff
    • Witchdoctor's Dinghy

Don’t let this opportunity sail away, take advantage!