Happy 1st Birthday Pirate101


It's Time for a Parrrty!

We're celebrating Pirate101's first birthday now through October 31st! Skull Island has Birthday decorations for all of your Pirate parrrrtying, you can purchase a Birthday Eye Patch in the Crown Shop and we're giving everyone a free Birthday hat!

Fan Site Contests!

Our amazing fan sites will be giving away tons of cool prizes during the Birthday Celebration! They will be holding contests and giving away a super rare and spooky jacket and weapon from Captain Blood, Crowns and Companion Training Tomes!

WarCry Giveaway!
WarCry is giving away thousands of game codes for Pirate101 items! Each code guarantees you 7 full days of Pennyfarthing travel and some lucky buccaneers will even get a permanent Pennyfarthing for their pirate travel needs. Get Free Codes »