Join Us for a Month of Arrrgust!

It’s Arrrgust in the Spiral, Mateys! Arrrgust is the month where we celebrate every pirate’s favorite, happy exclamation of “ARRR,” and this month we’ve got plenty of ARRR-worthy moments to share with you! Be sure to check back to discover what fun things are going on this week.

Week of August 3rd

Fan Site Contests!

Week of August 10th

Left Hander's Day

Week of August 17th

PvP and Win!

Week of August 24th

Design a Flag!


Week of August 24th - Design a Flag!

Looking for even more ways to win Crowns? Well show off your skills with our design a flag contest!

How to Participate:
Use the template below to create the best Pirate flag design.

Save the template to your computer and edit the image in a photo editing program to create your design. Submit your entry by attaching the edited image to an email to

OR, print out the template and draw your flag design by hand. Then either scan in your creation or take a photograph of it. Submit your entry by attaching the scan or photo to an email to

    Contest Rules
  • Entries must be received before 11:59 PM US Central time on Sunday, August 30, 2015.
  • You must include your Pirate101 username with your entry.
  • Only one entry per account will be eligible.
  • If you are under 13 years of age, ask your parent or guardian permission to participate in the contest.
  • Contest entries must be entirely original creations made by you.
  • Entries that use copyrighted material will not qualify.

How are the Winners Chosen?
KingsIsle will review all of the contest entries and choose the most creative designs as winners. Winners will be notified by email and prizes awarded during the week of August 31, 2015. Winners will be then announced on the KingsIsle blog.

    What can I win?
  • 1 Grand Prize Winners: 60,000 Crowns
  • 5 Runner-Up Winners: An Epic Hero Galleon
  • 10 Honorable Mentions: 7,000 Crowns

Week of August 17th - PvP and Win!

We’re hosting a grand week of PvP fighting, and we want you to join in and win!

How to Participate:
We’ll be tracking all the Ranked PvP matches that happen from Aug 17th, 2015 from 12:01am to Aug 23rd, 2015 at 11:59pm US Central. All you have to do is log on and participate in a Ranked PvP Battle Royale or 1v1 match to be entered into the giveaway. Enter up to 5 matches per day (days are measured from 12:00am-11:59pm US Central) for more chances to win.

One random winner will take home 60,000 Crowns and 10 additional winners will receive 10,000 Crowns each.


  • We will tally up the participants, select random winners and announce the winners on the KingsIsle Blog on August 25, 2015.
  • Winners will have the prizes awarded directly to their game accounts.
  • You do not need to win the Ranked PVP matches in order to be entered into the drawing.
  • Only 5 matches will be counted as entries per account per day, for a total possible entries of 35.
  • Winners are chosen per account with only one winner per account.
Please email if you have additional questions.

Week of August 10th - Left Hander's Day!

Soon it will be Arrrgust 13th and that means we're celebrating Left-Handers' Day in style! That's right! We're raising awareness for our southpaw friends and designating all of Pirate101 as a Lefty Zone for the day! You can also get a free Captain's Hook by redeeming the code "leftie". Get Free Gift »

Yarr! Don’t stop there! You may even want to put Lefty, the Crane Marksman of Cool Ranch, as your firstmate companion for the day! Either way, now ye' can play your Pirate101 characters all day with a hook for a hand! (…but the question remains, can ye' actually play the game left-handed, pirates? We recommend you switch your mouse over to the other side and give it a shot!)

Don't forget to use the #lefthandersday hashtag on your Social Media outlets to proudly announce your left-handers' Pirate101 pride! Learn More About Left Hander's Day »

Week of August 3rd - Fan Site Contests!

Our fan sites are kicking off Arrrgust with some special giveaways, you could win a permanent Solar Saber Mount or Crowns. Check the sites found on our Fan Site page for more information