It's Time for Arrrgust!


Join us for a month of Arrr!

It’s Arrrgust in the Spiral, Mateys! Arrrgust is the month where we celebrate every pirate’s favorite, happy exclamation of “ARRR,” and this month we’ve got plenty of ARRR-worthy moments to share with you! Be sure to check back every Tuesday of Arrrgust to discover giveaways, contests, and new stuff in the Crown Shop!

Week of August 5th
Week of August 12th
Week of August 19th
Week of August 26th

Week of August 26th - New Gryphon Mount and Minotaur Pet

On this final week of Arrrgust, we're launching the brand new Gryphon Mount and Minotaur Pet! Your Pirate will be right at home with the mighty Aquilan eagles with these new Crown Shop items.


Week of August 19th - New MooShu Furniture!

We've launched 17 new MooShu themed housing items in the Crown Shop. These cool housing items are available for Crowns and Gold, so get to decoratin' yer bunkhouse Pirates!


Week of August 12th - Left Hander's Day!

Today is Arrrgust 13th and that means we're celebrating Left-Handers' Day in style! That's right! We're raising awareness for our southpaw friends and designating all of Pirate101 as a Lefty Zone for the day!

Yarr! Don’t stop there! You may even want to put Lefty, the Crane Marksman of Cool Ranch, as your firstmate companion for the day! Either way, now ye' can play your Pirate101 characters all day with a hook for a hand! (…but the question remains, can ye' actually play the game left-handed, pirates? We recommend you switch your mouse over to the other side and give it a shot!)

Don't forget to use the #lefthandersday hashtag on your Social Media outlets to proudly announce your left-handers' Pirate101 pride! More information about Left-Hander's Day can be found at

The free Lefty Hook weapon giveaway has expired.

Week of August 5th - Fan Site Contests!

Make sure you check out all our amazing fan sites for this first week of Arrrgust! They're celebrating with us by hosting great giveaways. You could win a free Class House like Rake's Lagoon, a new Pack of Teleporters or even Crowns!

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