Boochbeard & Mr. Gandry Stole A Letter!

Supreme Commander Kane

Your suspicions appear to be correct. My sources inform me that piracy is on the rise across the Spiral, from Marleybone to Monquista. Raids on ports and attacks on shipping have increased dramatically in recent weeks. Even Valencia and MooShu are not immune.

The turmoil these Pirates are causing is bad enough, but I worry that in the long term these Pirates may become numerous enough to impact the Grand Design. I am particularly troubled by persistent reports of a "Pirate Haven" somewhere in Skull Island, where hordes of Pirate crews are gathering in great numbers.

I have recently launched an aggressive sweep of several Skyways, arresting criminals and undesirables of all sorts for transport back to Valencia. I am confident that the prisoners, once properly questioned, will be able to shed more light on these questions. If these Pirates pose any threat to our interests, I will destroy them.

For the glory of the Armada!
Armada Deacon