These pets will ROCK your world!

Below are the three new pets being added to the Crown Shop this month in celebration of April Fools Day:


Pet Rock Pet

The Pet Rock Pet is your classically solid best friend.
Don’t be fooled by the unintimidating googly eyes,
this pebble packs a punch in combat!


Rock Skipper Pet

Every captain needs their skipper!
This stone-cold fighter is ready to sail
the skyways with you as your right-hand rock!


Roccaneer Pet

Between a rock and a hard place?
Not to quarry! The Roccaneer Pet has your back!

What Pirates are saying about the Pet Rock, Rock Skipper, and Roccaneer Pets:

“I’ve never met a pet with BOULDER attacks. The Pet Rock Pet has been such a sedimental part of my journey through the skyways!” - Silly Brom Neasmith

“The Rock Skipper Pet never skips out on me!” -Goofy Isadora Jenkins

“There’s no doubt the Roccaneer Pet takes its vitamins and MINERALS, it might be the strongest battle-buddy I’ve ever seen!” – Sincere Coral Vinter

Don’t take this time for GRANITE, these pets will be taken out of the Crown Shop on Sunday, April 30th.