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when do we go to El dorado ?

Nov 04, 2012
at the end of mooshu you have two pieces of the map and so does the armada so this comes back to the next world topic do you get the other three there or are there three new worlds after mooshu or just one

Bad Franchessico Randal lvl 60

Petty Officer
Dec 04, 2011
I wonder the same thing, like once we get all the pieces is the game over or might there be a twist or a new long story

May 21, 2009
If I may shed some light...

We are supposed to get all the pieces of the El Dorado Map before the end of the storyline, and the final chapter of the current storyline will be El Dorado, presumably. If you check out either story thread, you can see Blind Mew (the game's head writer) telling us this. Unfortunately, that also means we'll have to get the pieces back from Kane....