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Valencia Part 2: Duomo help?

Nov 26, 2017
Hey everyone, this is a very well known and well-discussed topic, so I'll just cut to the chase. Valencia 2 is extremely challenging and is meant to make us rethink any strategies we've developed with the previous 7 worlds.

In its own way, it's a good thing that KI is upping the difficulty to keep players on their toes. However, battles like Duomo (which personally I'm stuck on) and other dungeons are extremely difficult to fight against. Looking at other posts that have said the same thing, the usual response is "team up" or "try a new strategy". I've altered my powers and doubloon deck around, I've tried other companions, the only other things I haven't tried are teaming up, (because no one ever teams up, I'm currently in team up as I'm writing this and its been 30 minutes) and hiring henchman, which I'm not going to do because personally, I believe its not the best use of crowns.

The best example of the overpoweredness of Valencia 2 is in the Duomo itself. An epic hit from the horse guard does ~1700 damage. (I realize this damage isn't consistent but there are times when it does, I'll try and get a screenshot the next attempt I get at the Duomo). No, I am not exaggerating to prove my point, it really does do ~1700 damage, which is insane! That's more than half of most of my companions health with ONE hit.

Looking at youtube videos and tutorials, it seems like everyone's using the Captain Blood flames and luring their opponent to them. Well, I really don't have the time nor the money (membership) to go farm Miranda for Captain Blood's jacket. At this point, I'm not really excited about Pirate101 anymore. After every defeat, I can't even afford to revive my main companions. As a result, I can only get a battle once every couple of hours.

To conclude, there's no shame in asking, I really need help. Anyone that can provide assistance with this dungeon would be much appreciated. I'm level 65 Privateer IGN: Sabrina. Please reach out to me if you can provide help.

Dec 06, 2012