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Promotion for Louis the Harpooner

Feb 27, 2009
(Yesterday) I tried to do one part of the Louis quest but I couldn't push on and I got only 1 POWDER! This reminds me of the Buffaloon quest in Cool Ranch. Same problem but not with Buffaloons but with Valencian Royal Squadron ship's. Plz fix this; I'm begging you so I can finish the promotion quest. If anybody else is having a problem vout this quest, post it here.
Jacob Freeman lvl 18 In Cool Ranch but having a problem with promotion quest. I swear if Pricklybeard did this, I'll be so mad so tell me One-Eye Jack, did he do it?

(Today) Jacob Freeman just got to lvl 11 ship lvl! In other news Jacob Freeman got 2 more poweder. "I only need 1 more powder," Jacob Freeman said in in a interview with somebody from Earth.

May 29, 2011
You are not alone fellow musketeer. So far today i've beat 7 of those ships and have only gotten one powder. At this rate, i'll never promote him.

Please, someone hear my call, fix these insane collection rates for quests.

Jan 28, 2009
Well, my fellow musketeers, it seemed easier for me just sinking the ships without boarding. Perhaps go for the weaker, isolated ones? Or maybe even have a friend help.

May 13, 2011
im thinking about calling those quests did-not-collect quests due to that rate. whats the chance? 5%?