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Next world after Valencia2?

Jul 27, 2012
Alex the Pirate on Aug 20, 2016 wrote:
Plot Twist: The crystals are fake (this is me really wanting the El Dorado storyline to come back)
Actually, Alex, I believe you are correct --

Not that the crystals are truly "fake": Old Scratch identifies them and he would know his stuff. So they are really strange mystical crystals from the Island of Doom. But, thanks to the hints Blind Mew kindly gave us, we have a good idea that they probably are not the same crystals that originally revealed our parents' voices to us, and possibly not even the same kind of crystal.

There's certainly something strange about that whole scene that Kane sets up for us, and ultimately loses in. And my question is: who has set up whom in that scenario? My guess?

-- First, Kane set us up -- planning for us in case we were actually good enough to survive his other traps. We could be treated to a 'special' demise then. (Aren't we honored? )

-- (speculating) Second, Queen set Kane up. Perhaps as a contingency plan or perhaps not.

-- (and speculating again): Third, someone else is in control of the crystals. The same someone who saw to the transport of Kane's golden mind, perhaps? Someone who doesn't want us meddling in his/her/its plans, and thus deceives us with a false vision what we inwardly most desire??

Feb 27, 2013
I'm not to Valencia 2 yet, but I watched a walkthrough, and here are my thoughts:
Even though our parents said not to, I think we'll keep looking for the map. One, we're pirates, looking for treasure and stealing is what we do. Two, if we stopped looking for it now, all the work we've done in the previous worlds would be for nothing! Three, Marco Pollo's map has been what Pirate101 is about. If we stopped looking now, we may not get to explore any more worlds. We'll probably be going to Krokotopia or Grizzleheim. I'd also love to go to Darkmoor.
Happy pirating,
-Hopeful Alyssa Abbott, Lvl 39 Swashbuckler