going to valencia is annoying!!!

Petty Officer
Apr 04, 2011
getting to Valencia takes too long. if your in skull island, fits you have to take a storm-gate to Montaquista, then you have to take another storm-gate to Dragonspyre, THEN you have to take ANOTHER storm-gate to Valencia. KI can you please do something about this like make the storm-gates shorter?

Brave Jonathan level 16

Feb 27, 2009
They can't do that cause it would make them change the area's and plus Pirate101 would be down for a while. KI should instead make it so that when you unlocked a new world you would have to go through the stromgate to get there and then after you went there; you could go to My Windstones and click the Windstone that you want to pick. Then a selection of worlds comes up and pick that world to go to it. You would also see the worlds names at the bottom of the screen to.

Jacob Freeman lvl 18

Jul 02, 2009
Ok guys. Here is my thought on this matter, well, it's actually more of a question. Isn't travel a very big part of pirate101? Sure, it is kinda annoying, but it helps you get the feel of the worlds and the creative universe known as the spiral. Plus, they are quite similar to real places in the past, so it's educational in a way. Although, I don't really enjoy flying through Monquista. I finished it a while ago, and it just seems so depressing! Sorry if I went off topic, but just remember what my point was! Thanks

Jan 29, 2010
KI was listening to the beta players about this. There was not going to be a short cut of any kind, but KI implemented the SI/Last location toggle button. It has made the travel time much shorter than it used to be. I, for one, am grateful they listened to us and gave us the toggle button. Thank you KI

Oct 09, 2012
took me less than a day to do skull island and monquista.

Dec 15, 2012
JacobTHEPirate1243 on Dec 26, 2012 wrote:
took me less than a day to do skull island and monquista.
Probably because you spent over 12 hours playing it!

Feb 03, 2012
Well guys remember something, the only reason why we need to go through the Dragonspyre skyway before Valencia is because we don't wanna be seen. Remember back when we talked to hook tail about going into Valencia? He says it was dangerous, and the other guy says there is another way, which was through Monquista then Dragonspyre. However, what about the first more dangerous option? Surely the armada doesn't expect anyone going through using dragonspyre, so they'll probably guard the shortcut storm gate, and since Valencia will be add on in the future, why not reveal to us the dangerous shortcut we could have taken fro mthe beginning? It'll be pretty interesting to see if that happens.