Banners from Black Market not work in Kane Fight?

May 22, 2013
Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here. Well let's talk about the point of this, i was farming Kane in my Swashsbuckler trying new ways for this fight, I started use the Swashbuckler banner. In my experience i found that the bonus that give planting in enemy territory during the fight with Kane was only Agility (when it will should give if i'm not mistaken a bonus of 75% in Agility, Dodge and Grants Elusive for all the Swashbuckler). After this i did a new round, in the first fights i planted it in enemy territory and gave the bonus correctly (if you plant it in your own territory only give Agility Bonus) but again, i used it in Kane's Fight and only gave Agility Bonus.Then i did other round plating it during Kane's Fight in my own territory and only got Agility Bonus. After this i used my musket banner: The first fights gave the correct bonus (planting it in territory enemy give Agility, Accuracy and Burst Fire Bonus) but in the last fight only my musket companion got Agility Bonus plating it in enemy territory. My question is if this is normal in Kane's FIght or a little bug. I wait for your answers, friends.