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Armada snipers: What the?

Feb 28, 2013
I find the fact that armada snipers have way too much health. i did not notice it when I was level 15. but I am level 50 trying to Promote Gaspard DeVole into his second prompotion (It goes from guard, to buccaneer, to mercenary) The armada snipers are only level 44. but they have 3,600 health! That is more than Gaspard DeVole level 50 doubled! I decided to flee on one of the battles because there were four snipers and one marine. I betcha when we fight him, Rooke and all of his minions put together will have less health than four snipers. And I have to say, WOW! It will take 1,000 turns and 200 heals just to kill one! I would have been fine if it were just a boss but four of them? I recommend improvements.

D.T. Eastwick

Feb 12, 2012
All i can say is to charge through because there are no armada snipers in marleybone but they did add two new types of clockworks unrelated to snipers. I cant really help you on tactics but i do remember them being slightly hard.

Fearless Connor Underwood level 59 current world that I'm on: aquila