Armada marine and marksman companion side quest

Jul 21, 2013
I think a horse in Sivella should give you a quest to go to Grancia and find his brother, who is an engineer and who is trapped in a cave. The sigil would be Armada cave, where you battle Custos Ultimus and his soldiers. After you save the engineer, you talk to the horse in Sivella and the engineer will give you an Armada Marine if you are a swashbuckler and promotes at level 32 and becomes an Armada Commander and privateers get an Armada marksman and they promote 2 times, their first promotion, which is at level 27, Armada marksman become Armada officer and their last promotion is at level 39 When they become armada snipers! Probably the marksman is better because it promotes 2 times, but the armada marine gets buccaneers strike and turn the tide 2 when they promote. It would be so cool to get one of those companions!

See you in the spiral!

level 56 swashbuckler, Crazy mitchell

Aug 09, 2013
As interesting as it sounds I think having an Armada clockwork in our team would be wrong . Our goal is to race and get Marco Pollo's map so we could get to El Dorado before the Armada could, and I think getting a clockwork on our side wouldn't really help. Plus how weird would it be if we have our enemy on our team? Although, I really like the story you made up when recruiting them It could work, but perhaps for another companion!

Jun 02, 2013
Yeah the team dont want to do this to keep the armarda more mysterious a great idea though