a cool thing about bishop

Jan 22, 2013
okay so you know bishop wears the robe and the weird mask right? but did you know that was the outfit of a doctor in the time of the plague. (some may know it as black death or bubonic plague) he went around in that same outfit and tried to help people with the plague. also you know how bishop is a witch doctor right? well in that time (the middle ages) the doctors practiced in a form of cures that had to do with the stars and elements. for example if you got sick people could believe you had to much of an element in you. blood for example was considered a type of element. so they got a leach and sucked some out. today it could be considered a type of magic. (mainly i think its because of the stars part.) so it would be appropriate to make him a witch doctor. its fun little know facts like these that make this game fun. some things in this game that you consider, like bishops out fit are for fun but are also based on real life. you can find a picture online showing the doctor who wears this outfit. (mask to) if you know any other little known eatser eggs you can post here.

-jack nightgale armadas most wanted