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Zhayu Keepers Quest in Mooshu is Bugged???

Jul 01, 2009
I have the Zhayu Keepers quest to find Zhayu in his tower on Icy Dock in the Subata area of Mooshu. I never got the quest arrow for this, but instead, got that yellow circle that looks kind of like a ship's wheel with a question mark inside. I just assumed I was supposed to find his tower without help, so I started using the map. Once I found his tower, there was no sigil, nor was I able to go through the door. I reviewed the quest dialog to see if by chance I skipped something, but nothing there gave me a clue as to why I couldn't enter that tower. Could someone let me know if they have successfully completed this quest, or if it has messed up for them too. Thanks.

Yes, unfortunately, this is a bugged quest. On the bright side, we have a fix in the works!

More discussion about it can be found here: click

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