Your Weekly "THE WIND"

Apr 30, 2011
Hello all you pirates!
It's me, Jacob the Musketeer! Today, I have brought you The Wind, a weekly topic about various topics..
Usually, I would take up topics from you all, you amazing pirates, but today,being the first Wind. I will come up with my own topics. Prime time is where you tell me what you think of my topic... So let's start.

1. The Time of Your Life: Anyone below level 61, please do not read this forum, it includes spoilers..
Well, after all that work, all of the fighting, storming that amazingly built palace.. The Oracle STILL can't see the future, so now we have to work with those confounded snakes. And then we have to give up our memory of our parents. (Not cool!) What do you guys think?

2. The 6 Promotion Quests With Silent Companions???
Well.. do you know how companions who usually never talk when it comes to main quests (After the quest you gain them) Usually, only certain classes get them, and when they get their promotion, you just pay. Now keep in mind, the 6 heroes we get as companions in Cool Ranch, never talk, tight? Well..their promotion has their own quest and they talk during it..Strange right? As usually, leave your thoughts.

3. Future Companions!
Tell me what you think they will be!