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Your favorite companion?

Nov 23, 2013
I would just like to ask - what is your favorite companion, anyone? Mine would either be Mustang Sally because of her weapon power or Sarah Steele, because of her rich history and fun promotion quests - and because of her weapon power too. My trio of Swashies are absolute beasts. A.K.A. Mustang Sally, El Toro, and Sarah Steele.

Loyal Emmaline Ramsey, lvl 42

Oct 16, 2012
My ABOSLUTE favorite companion is Lightning Ninja, my Ninja Pig Shinobi. He is super powerful, and I ALWAYS use him, but he is my favorite special companion. My favorite companion I got during the storyline is Bonnie Anne, as giving her Overwatch 2 and Burst Fire 2 is a death sentence for any enemy! My favorite Crowns companion is Bosun Budd, and since the update, the ability to spawn explosive starfish and then eat 2 of them to regain 1000 health makes him OP!

Nov 23, 2011
Always an interesting question it comes around. For me, the companion most consistently used when swords are out, the guns are blazin' and the fate of the Spiral teeters in the balance, is el Toro. He's handy in a fight like most swishbilgers, but his dodge/accuracy buff is a BIG help in tough fights. Plus, he has hilarious crit animations (and nice teeth!).

On the other hand, Hoodoo Cornelius is hilarious and on occasion sweeps the board pretty much by himself. I love that little guy.


First Mate
Mar 30, 2011
I can't lie, it's hard to favour one companion over the other since I absolutely love each and every single one xd, but if I were to choose one as my favourite, I would have to choose Bonnie Anne, one of the only companions with 3 promotions, a main character no less and a very OP and loveable companion.

May 31, 2009
My favorite companion cannot be narrowed to just one-- it must be three! My absolute favorites are Subodai, Sarah Steele, and Bonnie Anne. I pick Subodai because he's a tank that deals out MASSIVE damage, and he is a very interesting character. Sarah Steele is amazing because of her story and her graceful fighting style (ironically she is a graceless runner ). She can also hold up in tougher fights with her dodge and riposte, which has saved my pirate's neck multiple times. And last but most certainly not least is Bonnie Anne! Her capability in battle proves how awesome she is, and her dialogue is hilarious.

Feb 11, 2010
I got lots, but it's probably a tie between Subodai and Louis. They're both very useful to my pirates.