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Your Favorite Class Powers

Gunner's Mate
Jun 27, 2013
I am a witchdoctor, so obviously I will post about my top 5 witchdoctor powers, in my opinion.

1) Great Juju: Definitely a top priority power, for it triggers epics, adds damage, and gives me confidence.

2) Chain Lightning: Only when it chains more than five times at least. It can do lethal damage when it goes back and forth from two enemies. By the way, is there any way of increasing the 75% chance. Also, it doesn't even look like 75% from the majority of the time I used it. I refer to this a my very own reckless frenzy.

3) Charm: This power would be more preferred if chains of reflex moves can be attempted and if it is another pirate. Scene 1: Two enemies have witch hunter, improved mojo blast, and mojo echo (the Sypris [?] in Achaea). The charmed one gets witch huntered by three Sypris, due to improved mojo blast, and his health goes down a lot. Then, he attacks in an AoE attack and mojo echoes. Lots of damage done in two or more witch enemy's perspective. Scene 2: 1vs1 PvP. The pirate is charmed and the following actions by each class is best. Charmed witchdoctor: AoE attacks his or her team or does a powerful single attack on one of them. Charmed swashbuckler: He or she would either assassin strike a companion or poison them (I've seen both of these happen). Charmed privateer: He or she would either do the most powerful team heal on my team or boost our criticals or stats. Charmed musketeer: He or she can place traps or do one of those bomb moves on their team. And finally, a charmed buccaneer: He or she can do a charge power, preferably the last one or a reckless frenzy, if possible.

4) Mojo Reaver: I can do tons of damage with this move especially on swashes, buccaneers, or musketeers. An epic hit can reach above 2000, probably the most damageful one hit power. Adding mojo echo to this can enhance it by 300.

5) Jubu's Embrace: It is a decent AoE damage dealer that can take 75% of the damage - on each victim! Also, an epic one of this can fill up to more than 3/4 of my health, which is 3005.

These are my favorite Witchdoctor powers. What are your favorite class powers?'

Golden Chris Silver - Level 65 Witchdoctor

P.S: Why doesn't mojo rising work on my weapon, even though there were enemies right beside me in most battles. I use a staffy/shooty weapon.