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Your Dream Team

Community Leader
So I am curious.....Which companions do you use when you get to choose companions for boss fights? Do you always choose the same ones, or do you mix it up? On my witchdoctor, I almost always choose Bonnie Anne, El Toro, and Kan Po. This set up has never failed me, regardless of the class I am up against. Who do you choose?

Mar 09, 2011
I always choose Sarah Steele, El Toro, and either Mustang Sally or Bonnie Anne (who I have yet to promote to Fox Sniper, I'm working on the quest now). These companions almost never fail in a fight, each one powerful and bringing their own individual strengths to the board.

May 21, 2009
I have Bonnie Anne, a Swashbuckler, and a privateer (it usually ends up being El Toro and Catbeard/Gracie Conrad), but if the situation calls for it, I'll have Subodai or Buffalo Bill on my team.

Community Leader
Ahoy Autumn!

My dream team on my Witchdoctor would have to be Bonnie Anne, Catbeard and this may seem crazy but... Old Scratch! They are my favorite companions and I've noticed a huge difference between the times all three entered and didn't enter battle. I usually pick them when I battle a huge boss!

Community Leader
Nice! I think I need to reset my Old Scratch's talents. Mine isnt very good lol

Oct 21, 2012
On my swashbuckler: El toro, Bonnie and Sarah or Shiruku Neko. For some reason I always get a girl team, that is when I'm not doing dungeons

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Many of my choices depend on who I am fighting. I learned my lesson well in Marleybone and especially Aquila, You can't keep doing the same thing for each fight or you will wind up lightheaded at a life fountain wondering what just happened.
I use my Pig necromancer a lot. He has a second chance skill and almost always totally kicks tush. Over 2500 damage is not unusual for him. I keep Valor's Armor around to protect him cause he is one of my top damage dealers.
There is Kan Po or his brother Yagi, they both whomp an enemy until they forget their name.
Bonnie Anne, with her double burst fire, double tap and burst fire along with her heal that will reach anyone, she is a must have.
Kobe or his brother Wagyu, they are such damage dealers and stronger tanks of the swashbuckler class.
Ratbeard, well cause he's Ratbeard, he keeps things under control for me.
Zeena, for her far reaching fire arrow traps and her 'shoot em full of holes' attitude and strength.
El Torro or Hawkules for their relentless and long chain reactions that take em down time and again.
Depending on the boss I may chose another healer, the boss and minions will dictate who I chose.

Sep 10, 2009
This set up never fails me. I use Bonnie Anne because of her range shots and healing. Goronado because of his brute strength. And Zeena because of her ranged shots, and her fire to use as distractions.

Feb 02, 2013
hawkules el toro and zeena, with the privateer's increase critical's their epic hits and relentless/burst fire can destroy most enemies, with my shields el toro's low health isn't a problem he can walk up to an enemy team and relentless them, then riposte them and seal their fate

Jun 29, 2009
I say 99.99% of the time depending on the boss what rank it is how hard, El Toro, Mustang Sally and Kan Po

Gunner's Mate
Jun 15, 2009
Oingo Boingo , water mole sling man , and romba. watermole all the way dude

Sep 01, 2011
Gotta say Bagha Khan, Ridolfo Capoferro and Zeena. (Bought bagha and ridolfo)
Because Bagha has Great dodge, ridolfo has first strike and riposte so his always hitting them. :P
Zeena has really good damage and I gave her burst fire 2 and overwatch 2, so she really good

- Reckless Justin Percy-

Petty Officer
Jul 12, 2013
I don't really have one but if I had to choose it would be bonnie anne el toro and gracie conrad or ratbeard.

Sep 19, 2011
In my higher level pirates I always use Bonnie Anne and the Pig necromancer. Those two for sure this I mix and match according to the fight. In fact I love the little piggy so much that if I don't get him as a comp I buy him. I always call him little Piggy don't remember his real name but always think; this little piggy went to the underworld this little piggy bought spell this little piggy went mojo echo all the way to the win

Dec 31, 2012
Dream Team is Bonnie Anne, Ratbeard, and Lucky Jack.

Occasionally I will use Subodai or Old Scratch. I love Sarah but she is too squishy to be in epic battles.

Jul 27, 2011
For me It varys between these companions private millis, argos , hawkluleas and catbeard.