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yay for me and a challenge for you

Jan 22, 2013
as some of you may know rooke * mumbles under breath* has been very...stubborn in giving me the final item i needed to get all the armada elite items there is as of now. but finally he either was in the Christmas spirit or got tired of playing kick the can (in which he was the can) and gave me his axe. now i can finally be part of the few people (if theres any) who have beat the armada up so much they can wear there gear in pride...and then beat up more armada. i want to challenge you to pick a armada elite and fight him till you have all there items (rooke i wouldn't do, most likely you will need allot of crowns for the second chance chest) even if you have gotten a complete set (Dante) i want you to get another set. (i don't want to feel to up top...that's a lie i don't want to feel like a armada obsessed freak, i can make myself look like a armada with no human features showing so yaaaa.) just a warning armada elites tend to be...selfish. if you want to be lazy go for phule (in valencia, isle of granchia, in the catacombs, its the one with the 2 lights in front go to the very end and farm the sigil theres only 3 items so its easier.) or bishop because he drops allot of stuff. hes in beachhead in the central core. i suggest you go to the first fight with him and go back when your done then lather smash repeat. if your up for a challenge farm rooke (just a warning took me pretty much all summer and then some to get his stuff) i'm tired of typing so goodbye and good luck.

-jack nightingale lvl 65 buccaneer

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
I'm saving my farming for the Lady Elite. I soooo want her gown.

Jul 23, 2013
This is actually a pretty good idea, especially since I forgot about farming for items, I'll do this over the holidays, since I won't be doing very much.

Thanks for giving me something to do!

Jack, 65,

May 31, 2009
Challenge accepted! Let's see...I need:

-General's Capello
-General's Armatura
-Phule's Mask
-Electromancer's Hat
-Bishop's Gears of War
-Technomage's Glasses
-Sprocket Key

Shouldn't take too long, eh? *nervous laugh*

Jul 07, 2013
Hello Jack. I put Phule's armies under relentless assault for 20 hours over three days my results were: 8 wands, 4 medallions, and one mask. On to Beachhead! Huzzah!

Virtuous Dante Ramsey