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Wow dividers

Community Leader
I'm simply loving the new dividers makes housing new and exciting. Great detail. Bravo

Owner of Paige's Page Perilous Paige. "Honorary Black Cat of the entire Pirate 101 Fleet"
Dec 01, 2012
Dread Pirate
May 27, 2009
I really like the bathtub, aquarium and galley dividers. Very Cool!!

Jul 27, 2012
Oh, you are so right, Paige! All are so beautifully made, each more exciting than the last! Beds! (I love having a cupboard-style bed) The aquarium!! The organ!!! [music! Of course I will imagine things like Bach and Handel playing!) And more, but especially...

The Kitchen hearth!!!!

Oh, a pot with a crane over a blazing fire in the hearth, and a redware pie dish lying nearby (at least that's what my memory claims it was)! I'm so excited! I am going to love redecorating my houses!

Some of the items are beautiful modernish style, but the ones I love the best are the ones that let me decorate my lovely 'Age of Pirates' houses in a more or less 'Age of Pirates' style. That is the sort of play I really love. (which sometimes I get to do in real life too!)

Such a beautiful job on the artistry and ideas, KI! And once again, my sincere appreciation that we may obtain these lovely things for either crowns or gold. Thank you!!

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Don't forget the pipe organ divider. That is my favorite wall divider of the dividers.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
News Flash! You can place items on top of the dividers! You can place something on top of the mantel of the fireplace!!!!!!