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World orbs

Jan 16, 2015
So I don't know if other people noticed when they travel in between worlds, that there are different orbs of worlds we've never seen before, like wizard city (Probably not going there), what I think is Darkmoor, Krokotopia, and this world with a bunch of trees, I don't know what it is, but maybe Zafaria? I think I might of saw Celestia. I don't know though, does anyone else have some theories?

Oct 26, 2013
i saw the one with trees too i think it was either in a monquista stormgate or the valencia and dragonspyre one i have no clue what world that would be. i do really want to see celestia though. i think the companions would be really cool. celestia and grizzleheim are the only wizard world i really want to see (other than dragonspyre but we already have that one kinda hinted at) other than those i would like to see new worlds.