World explanations (In my opinion)

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Mar 15, 2013
To keep everyone busy or related to the main story line I wanna go over what I think we do in each world and whats happening when in them. If I even worded that right but you get the point. Kinda reviewing the worlds

1# Skull island So as you all know this is where ye pirates first start and still getting used to how the game works. I think Skull island is more focuses on its inner conflicts with smaller enemies like the cutthroats. The whole thing focuses on a smaller quest for gunns treasure but leads to have more importance when you find out why avery sent you after it. For awhile your focusing on skull islands threats why to you the armada isn't a big threat, yet...

2#Monquista Lets back track, You're coming here because avery wanted to have you setup a trade agreement with skull island and Puerto mico. However when you come back to the palace with gortez the old governor is gone cause of so called "Traitor" (Maybe he just didn't wear the latest fashion) Hah get it?... ah well anyways) So your forced to go all the way to monquista to personally ask the king for the trade agreement who then betrays you. You help start a massive civil war and leave monquista With nothing but a trade agreement for avery and a few bruises.

2.5#Monquista So when you return you have to save one eyed jack who tells you your in a lot of trouble with pirates and gangs over a map, Which you apparently have. You're sent to speak with avery who has been spreading the lie to cover his own tracks that you own a piece of the the most valuable map in the world. This leads to Valencia...

Ok guys there will be a part 2 and 3 since I am running out of space in this one thread and I don't want it to get huge so make sure to look for them soon

Jan 22, 2013
Pretty cool. I think you touch up on some points that some people might overlook. Nice job.

- Jack nightgale lvl 65 buccaneer