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Working late on a Friday night...

Mar 28, 2009
Last night, at about 8:30 pm Austin time, I realized that I'd broken the storyline for my baby witchdoctor in Banditoad Gulch by shutting down before I accepted the quest from El Toro when I left for work yesterday. I had to send a ticket in to Support to get her main quest restored. I fully expected to not be able to do anything with her until sometime today, or possibly even Monday, but not even 45 minutes later, I got an email from KI saying that she was good to go.

@Bonnie Anne, @One-Eyed Jack, please thank whoever pulled the late shift on a Friday night to give me such prompt service?

Much appreciated!

Jul 16, 2014

Happy to hear you had a good experience with customer service.

*Bonnie Anne, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Sep 20, 2009
My job has me working evening and night shifts a couple of times a week.
I have to say I've been rather surprised more than once when I've arrived home at 11:00pm (Atlantic Time), replied to a post here thinking I wouldn't see it until the next day only to find my reply has been posted within the hour.