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Wizard Pirates

Petty Officer
Feb 27, 2009
I've been playing Wizard101 since the 1st Grade, quite literally. And when I heard about getting a pet Skarakeet with the pre-release when you get 1 year membership, I had to get that!

Quentin Davenport, lvl 65

Jul 21, 2010
My brother convinced me to play Wizard several years ago. Sadly my highest is a Balance still in Celestia around level 53... When he quit I dropped my membership over there. Did you know battles are harder without a level 75 Life always helping you?

Jan 18, 2013
Yes I started playing Wizard101 in 2011 my brother found out about it. I thank him so much for finding out about it otherwise I wouldn't be here right now.
I have a Level 100 ice and 51 storm they are my highest. I don't really play W101 anymore but I do remember the good old days on my ice, all my friends don't come on anymore and I just play it here and there. I mainly play P101 though and I do think this one would be my favourite over W101 because I like the combat, I love the storyline and I love the fact that you have companions. Thank you KI for these two wonderful games and in the future you will probably bring more 101's but all I have to say right now is Thank you.

Mar 24, 2013
I started playing wizard 101 way back in 2013, I have enjoyed the magic and unforgettable moments.My highest level for wizard101 is my death wizard,she is currently still in Dragonspyre. But lost interest quickly, due to false reporting and other ridicules stuff. Most players there in my experience are rude,witch sadly i rarely if ever play wizard101.

Shortly after I started playing pirate101 about 3 months later, initially i just came here for the free zones. It was very challenging and took a while for my first character Nicole to work it out. I didn't play as much, I thought in my opinon was boring.But Cool Ranch change all that,now i play it more often and it's much more fun than expected.

In summary I like pirate better,beacuse it's alot more fun and easier to solo.

Jun 06, 2009
I have been with KI since june2009, my grandson leaned to read playing wizard. I have 23 active wizards , yes 4 accounts, and several now have a pirate flip side. I started in wiz before portals, pet hatches, before crafting even!
I'm a little burned out on Azteca and Khrysalis right now, 1 have 4 completed wizards, another 5 in last world, 5 in Azteca, 2 Avalon, then several I keep as babes for now. Fishing? no, I tried it, forget it, I am a crafter and have made many of the homes and other things. We have bought bundles, etc, tho pirate has had far fewer to offer.
I love both games, wizard is more 'laid back' and pirate more 'intense' and I like switching between the 2.
Like many others, I am disappointed that Pirate has had no new story quests (not counting the new skull island ones), I don't want to end up like wizard with all my pirates in almost the same areas.
I hope KI continues to develop Pirate, add side worlds like wizard did too.