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wizard and pirate 101

Sep 22, 2010
Ok, imagine this, pirate101 and wizard101 in one game.You can choose to be a wizard or pirate.Here is the game story: some pirates and Captain Avery were out on an expidition to find new worlds.Meanwhile, a wizard was about to go from Marleybone to Mooshu, and in the middle of his trip to Mooshu, hes saw a pirate and triped and fell through spiral opening and as he fell, he saw a face of a pirate and hit something and
passed-out.He later woke up on a beach surounded by pirates.When news roach Avery, he immediately
turned around to see the cast away

.Ambrose noticed that a student was not coming to class, soambrose traced the wizards steps into the spiral door. But, the door looked untouched, Ambrose didn't know what to do.
So he used is powers and looked into the passed. At the same time, avery was helping the wizard up and asked him were he caim from, he said wizard city.Avery didnt know were that was, so he followed the wizard to the stormgate, which the wizard called a spiral door.After Ambrose knew were the wizard had gone,
he set out with other wizards to find him.Avery saw Ambrose and Ambrose saw Avery, so they talked about the spiral doors and storm gates.Ambrose tolded Avery about the spiral doors and that it was easier

sailing through them.After a while, Avery tied to steal from ambrose, and Ambrose casted a spell onAvery and the pirates found out about it....

So, they stole Ambrose's pet bird and tried to feed it to an alligator, but failed.Because a few wizards saw then take the bird, they tracked them down to there world and battled them.And i think that would be a great game idea hope you guys liked this

Fearless Chase Kipton, lvl 25 swashbuckler