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Witchdoctor companions

May 14, 2013
I'm a lvl 23 witchdoctor in Cool Ranch and I was wondering what companions to use? Also, what talents should I give Lucky Jack Russell after I complete his promotion (I'm on it now).


Sep 21, 2014
Avast Ye!
Howdy Darkwolf1601,
If you are a level 23 witchdoctor, i recommend that you use some of your first companions. Dont mistake your starting companions as over rated because they are actually amazing! Have you trained Kan Po yet? I think that you should use Kan Po any other witch doctor companion and jack if you want to.

As for Lucky Jack Russel's Epics,
I think you should give him relentless and bladestorm to get all those hits in! Yar!
Honestly, don't take others opinions for your choice. I believe you should use whatever works for you and experiment with the different kinds of Epic Talents; find out which one works best for you!

-Unfair Angel
Somewhere In Aquila

May 14, 2013
Thanks, I think I will use Jack, bonnie and kan po.