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Why is reckless frenzy SO powerful?

Jun 01, 2010
I normally don't like to complain about things like this in-game as I think all the classes and their abilities are equal and have their own advantages, but honestly when a buccaneer stacks 3+ damage protections and uses reckless frenzy continuing to hit 3 of my companions for 200+ while only taking 20 damage for each hit i'm literally left dumbfounded and as I lose 3 companions from one move. I understand that buccaneers have needed a good AoE for a while but really? All a buccaneer really needs to use to win a pvp match is damage blocking buffs and then reckless frenzy. Instant win. It may be easy for other classes such as Swashbucklers to dodge the attacks and cancel reckless frenzy but as a witchdoctor I see NO way to defeat this move.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Sounds like a strategy session needs to be discussed then. Don't take away the buccaneer's much waited for and deserved move. Become a better player and figure out how to counter it. Put your heads together and make a play, try new things, consider it a challenge. Enjoy the fun.