Who's been your 1st mate the longest

Jan 22, 2013
On this you basically just do what the title says. If you want you could put the lvl you were and around the area your first mate was the longest like ex el toro cool ranch and Mooshu. Lvl 35 - 50 (not mine) this could help for players who don't have an idea who there first mate should be and could see if they helped you through then maybe it could help them. For me my first mate thing really changes when I get them. If I get one one after the other real quick they usually move unless to good to lose. But I would probably say Bonnie. She's helped allot. I usually keep her awhile after every promo. One happens around the end of cool ranch and other in the middle or after marlybone. And another in skull island. I keep her around a little bit after each one so she's been there the longest. (You can do this to) the one that stayed off the least was sadly hawkules. Didn't last even a day. He just died to fast and I had max health, armor and dodgy. Currently it's zeena and it might change to my hoplite Only, or Kobe. I'm neat the end of Aquila and both sound good right now.

-Jack nightgale lvl 65 buccaneer

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Jul 25, 2013
hmm... most likely el toro or bonnie anne, maybe even milo graytail, i am a max lvl so zeena for me doesnt count,

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
It's different on different classes.
My musketeer: Louis le Bisque (His ability to supplement my bomb layers is invaluable)
My younger privateer still in Haunted Skyway: Bonnie Anne or Old Scratch depending on the enemy.
My swashy: Chilam Bak (Comparable to the Inoshishi Necromancer)
My privateer and witchdoctor or buccaneer, all in Marleybone or maxed out in Aquila: Inoshishi Necromancer (His ability to deal out the continuous damage with Mojo Echo and Jobus Ruse is invaluable except when dealing with witchdoctors or those with Witchhunter, then I switch to Bonnie Anne as she mows them down with relentless efficiency with her Burst Fire and Overwatch. When Bonnie is not my first mate she is always there as my second.

Jan 19, 2014
Witchdoctor-Kan Po. My favorite swashbuckler and one of my favorite character overall. Not only he's full of wit and wisdom, he can dish out a lot of damage. Hidden+Critical Strike 3 can easily drain 1,200+ health from an enemy. Now, I did remove him as my first mate for a few books after his first promotion because he started to miss frequently. I couldn't understand how he managed to lose combat effectiveness after his promotion. The frequent missing did go away after I gave him some accurate talents. After that, he became my main first mate again.

Buccaneer- Fin Dorsal. Well, since he's one of the most expensive companion in the crown shop, I might as well get my money worth. I'm at the latter stages of Cool Ranch and I must say, he's doing a pretty good job defeating enemies.

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Jun 27, 2013
El Toro or Kan Po. El Toro is permanent now, but Kan Po could have been longer since he was my first mate when I didn't have a membership - no El Toro.

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May 02, 2009
Jan 02, 2012
Taking all 5 classes into consideration, El Toro has been on point the most.

Apr 23, 2012
Mine has been Commander Emmett .

Mar 29, 2013
I would have to say it depends on the pirate at hand.
For my Witchdoctor, my first pirate, the longest first mate I had would probably have been Kan Po.
For my Privateer, my second pirate, the longest first mate would be El Toro.
For my Musketeer, my third pirate, it is Ridolfo Capoferro ( He is my favorite companion in the whole game!)
My Buccaneer, fourth, is Bonnie Anne.
My Swashbuckler, fifth, I believe is El Toro, again.
And lastly, my sixth pirate is another witchdoctor - and she switches first mates as she gets them, since she doesn't train them (nor pick up any sidequest companions) - so it is Catbeard at the moment!

So that is who my first mates have been for the longest on each of my pirates. (:

Gunner's Mate
May 28, 2013
Bonnie Anne all the way! The only one to ever come close was Sarah Steele, but Bonnie is the bestest!

May 16, 2011
Hmmm.....Good question.

Witchdoctor- Kan Po. This guy's power is epic. With a couple jujus, hidden, and some extra buffing from companions, with Critical Strike 3 Kan Po can deal a whopping 1800 damage at most. That's usually the turn before he starts slaughtering everything. Unfortunately, ever since Bonnie got to 4th Tier, Kan Po's has been replaced.

Swashbuckler- Sarah Steele. Her last promotion makes her look and deal damage LIKE A BOSS! Hidden, El Toro's buff, and Critical Strike 3; Sarah is a tank.

Musketeer- Bonnie Anne. What can I say about Bonnie that hasn't already been said? She's only Tier 2, since my character is only level 18, however she still is really good.

Privateer, Buccaneer, Extra Witchdoctor- Bonnie. Anne. Nuff' said.

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
I would have to say that for my max Buccaneer it would be a toss up between Kobe Yojimbo and Temujin (Subodai's counterpart from the Crown Shop).

Temujin is based partly on the fact that he has very high health, high armor and relentlessx3 w/ vengeance strike. He only has 2 critical strikes but he does a ton of damage when all of his epic talents kick in on top of his crits. I also rarely ever have to use any shielding on him due to his high health and armor, so it frees up those valuable powers for another crew member (you could say he is quite low maintenance). He is extremely hardy and durable in battle and because of that I never have to worry about him not sticking around till the end. Plus, to me there is just something about his intense warrior attitude and appearance that just makes it hard to demote him.

Kobe, for me, is a one bull wrecking crew. With first strike, repel boarders, riposte, relentless, 2 critical strikes and that stoic, don't mess with the bull or you'll get the horns, attitude- he is hard to top in my book. Against melee enemies, almost every round, he gets 5 attacks and he criticals constantly. Even in Aquila he can take out a full-health melee enemy pretty much single handedly in any given round. Plus, he also has that noble warrior persona- which, at least for my bucc, I am so, all about. Gotta love that No Bull or Noble attitude.

I am a bit partial and loyal to starter companions and like to reward them, since they have shared so much with my pirate(s) and been there through the thick and then. For this reason alone I tend to reward them with that coveted 1st mate slot. Plus, currently they receive the most in regards to promotions/powers/ talent upgrades/epic talents/&critical strikes so it is hard for me to replace those 2 Honorable Warriors.

Dec 15, 2012
For my maxed Swashy, besides Zeena, it would have to be Bonnie Anne or Yakooza. For my Musketeer probably Ridolfo Capoferro, but I just normally just switch out companions when I get them.

Jul 07, 2013
I actually used Egg Shen as my first mate for the storyline all the way through. Just for hanging around helping others I use El Toro or Old Scratch.

Virtuous Dante Ramsey

Petty Officer
Nov 05, 2012
A very easy question for me. Ever since the tutorial, I've had Wing Chun as my main man ever since. He's the 'Protective One' in my group, and does his job pretty well. I think for me it's the emotional attachment I have with Wing since he relates to the fact I have a real life protective brother, and Wing reminds me of him. From lvl. 1-Current

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Mar 16, 2012
My longest running first mate is Sarah Steele, but I also have an aztecosaur privateer, Itzen Kaan; so depending on the situation I'll use either one.
Esperanza Devereaux lvl 65

Jul 15, 2013
on my witchdoctor Inoshishi Necromancer
On my musketeer I have had a ton of random companions as my first mate but my favorite has to be Bonnie Anne

Jul 15, 2013
Witty Gavin on Mar 21, 2014 wrote:
For my maxed Swashy, besides Zeena, it would have to be Bonnie Anne or Yakooza. For my Musketeer probably Ridolfo Capoferro, but I just normally just switch out companions when I get them.
Same here about switching out companions

Mar 24, 2013
Good question.

1.Buccaneer - Longest Kobe, Current El Toro

2.Swashbuckler- Longest Bonnie Ann, Current Nurse Quinn

3.Witchdoctor-Longest and Current Kan Po

4.Musketeer -Longest and Current Bonnie Ann

5.Privateer - Longest Bonnie Ann, Current Egg Shen

Different Class calls for different first companions.

Petty Officer
May 30, 2013
Jun 08, 2009
I have no Idea why, but I Ratbeard always comes out on top most often. He may not be the strongest, most reliable, bulkiest, and he even has a pretty bad epic pool, but he always shows up on top for some reason. Whenever I'm organizing my 86 companion crew, I just start randomly moving my guys about on the first page, at Ratbeard is first, about 75% of the time! Also, whenever I max out (even though it only happens twice), I use the tomes I've saved up to max out the companion I use the most, and back when I beat Mooshu, AND when I beat Aquila, Rat is always the first to max out! I don't know what is up, but it seems like we're best friends and I don't even know it!

F.R. Holystone

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Jun 27, 2013
The reason that I don't have Kan Po as first mate is because El Toro just seen to dodge more and deal more damage. They both have Riposte2 and El Toro's riposte damage does more - 595 - 603 damage at normal hit average. Kan Po' riposte damage does 540 - 565 damage at normal hit average.

Those two are actually my favorite swashbucklers, except Kan Po is 6th on my list.

El Toro Positives:

-Espirit de Corps increases his dodge and accuracy rate, which is really useful for him. It can make himself untouchable. If Kan Po was first and El Toro didn't show up, Kan Po wont be very dodgy.
-Although Mormo (2nd mate) can do more damage than him in a single turn, El Toro can deal the most damage in one hit.
-Riposte2 can give me a strategy advantage, especially in PvE. If an enemy has Cheap Shot, I make Toro take a different target, leaving that guy's range, and Riposte will finish him off. Also, first strike and a relentless can create a chain, leaving a full health Ettin, dead.

Kan Po Positives:

-Hidden + epic hit power can deal a guaranteed 1200. The hidden power might even trigger a first strike3, and he might dodge. So, 4x damage. Is this possible?
-Heal power. Really fills my heart since I hate leaving a battle without full health.
-Relentless2 can make a chain, but it doesn't trigger that much.