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who will join me

Gunner's Mate
Nov 14, 2013
Top of the morning to ya pirates my name is dragonmaster and this entire month i will be hosting gold farming groups till march ends who will join me? We will be sinking ships sorta like scrip farming and i know we could do moo manchu but i think lots of people should be able to join so we could farm for scrip to if you just wanna do that instead btw can anyone see my reference in here?

Gunner's Mate
Feb 05, 2015
I would like to farm but when are you planning to do this and where do we meet? Also include the realm and time zone.

Jun 26, 2010
I be game fer a good old fashion ship looting, count me in.

- Deadeye Jack Morgan

Feb 17, 2009
Love the idea Hope Other follow Ye Example Need to Rally The Troops TOGether! I would Love to join but stilla low Level have Not been to Mooshu yet, But AWESOME Idea! Would Love to join In future Thanks for Offer!

Gunner's Mate
Nov 14, 2013
How about MarlyBone at the Isle of dogs docks in realm catbeard 1:00 central time on Sunday?

Jun 09, 2013
Aye, my friends! I'd be much obliged t' join ye in yer conquest!

"Come with us! Let's set the skies on fire!" - Monkey King

Gunner's Mate
Nov 14, 2013
Sadly my member ship will expire and i meant last saturday but it didn't go up so yea sry the rest of you can do it