Who gets what skill boosts makes no sense

Aug 21, 2009
The witchdoctor who tends only to use staffs gets skill boosts that benifits the best talent of all companions and self, while the privateer that tends to have the job of buffing everyone and uses primarily non-will attacks unless special training the staff gets skill boosts that primarily only benifites one companion (scratch) and any witchdoctor lucky enough to be traveling with the privateer (note: the witchdoctor doesn't benifit much by this as the witchdoctor already boosts self well enough to begin with). I don't get why these boosts weren't reversed as to who got what. It seems like the programmers favor witchdoctors and care less about privateers.

May 02, 2009
I agree! why do witchdoctors get Juju but privateers get Calm theTroops, Steadying Speech and some third one. Shouldn't it be vice versa? Privateers get Juju and Witchdoctors get the boost will skills?