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Which Class did you chose?

Dec 20, 2008
So guys which class did you chose? leave the story you picked below

Sep 29, 2010
I chose swashbuckler because I heard they did most damage and I love doing flips with swords.

The story of my pirate is this. His parents were killed by the Armada. I thought making him want revenge for their death would add greatly to the story.

I chose he was raised in Grizzlehiem because allot of my family heritage is Nordic European, such as Vikings and stuff like that.

That's my character's story. Get revenge and get rich.

~Bloody Wolf Freeman~

Sep 08, 2008
I chose Swashbuckler. But NOT because they do damage. Because they are agile, stealthy, dodge, and hide in the shadows.

I like the whole idea of hiding, then ambushing targets with attacks.

A pirate raised on Skull Island, trained in the art of stealth and hiding. He is just. He always fights pirates around the entire spiral attacking and plundering other players and himself wherever he goes.

His goal is not to get rich, but his goal is to become powerful, grow, perfect his stealth, and keep the spiral clean of dirty pirates that plunder and rob and steal.

Reminds me somewhat of the game Dishonored that was just released. My pirate just sits back and watches everything, and observes from the shadows.

Feb 03, 2012
I choose buccaneers, because the teacher was a hammerhead shark, my favorite animals, and they're a defensive class.

It all began when i was little, during the mutiny among my parent's ship i was send away on a life boat on my own. My tiny ship followed a long skyline and ended up in grizzleheim, where i learned how to survive. After years of becoming a good fighter and pirate, I found myself cornered and battling the armada, and so i was captured.

Community Leader
We have several pirates to talk about. That's the fun part of this game, the whole family can play.

My main character is a Swashbuckler, because I love Subodai. I posted her story in another thread, so you may have read this before.
Victoria’s parents are said to have been lost in a shipwreck. Victims of a great storm in the skyways. Orphaned, she was raised in the quiet land of Mooshu. There she learned the skill of sword, knife and battle with her trusted friend and guardian Subodai!

My second character is a Witchdoctor. Being a minister of my faith, I thought it would be nice to have that profession in the game.
Scarlet’s parents are said to have been lost in an attack on their ship by the Armada. The dastardly swines! She was young and raised in Scrimshaw on Skull Island by a wise old pirate witch. Temujin, a pirate from Mooshu, has been her friend and protector since she was young. At first his protection was a return favor to the Old Witch who had taken her in. But with his debt paid, Temujin had grown fond of Scarlet and found reasons to stay in town and help the Old Witch, so he could really watch out for the young girl he had grown so fond of. He stays by her side, even today.

My son's character is also a Swashbuckler, because he likes the agile toughness.
Aedan’s parents were said to have been killed by a Squid. Egads! He was raised in Grizzleheim by the rough and tumble grizzly bears. A perfect place to raise a strong and able swashbuckler!

His father's character is a privateer. Which really fits Dad's business sense.
Garretts’s parents were said to have been Mutineers. You can’t trust a pirate! He was raised in Skull Island, bouncing around from Skull Island itself to Jonah Island where he learned the skills of a privateer from the well connected Frogfather.

That's our stories. Can't wait to read more of your stories!

~ Spring

Dec 20, 2008
Ty for all the replies everyone. I was going to share my own epic story until i accidentally deleted it all in a mouse fail then went into complete rage for typing all 2000 words. But that story will have to wait. Again ty for the replies. Your Friend Two-Faced James Ashford

Gunner's Mate
May 02, 2009
I picked witchdoctor because I loved the whole backstory about them. I like being able to attack from a distance and hinder my enemies to the point where they have trouble dealing damage to me without getting hurt in the process.

Oct 28, 2011
i chose sawshbucklers because they do a lot of damage dodge accuarcy high get best companions also hide in shadows waiting for their prey fast and jump over ovstacles and much more!

now here is my story:my parents got shipwrecked and i was taken by baers of grizzleheim and teached how to hunt and how not to be seen but at same time to learn how to be tough so a swashbuckler mixed with buccaneer! i was trained like no one else some teached me to use grizzleheim magic because there is a lot of magic there i play wizard 101 i have max lvlv fire but that doesnt matter so let get back to story so i got teached magic of walking in shadows and got strrongest daggers from dangerous beasts! i wanted to be like my parents that where made for adventure so i decided to not just be a swashbuckler warrior part buccaneer too but a pirate! hope you enjoye peace!

Sep 10, 2008
i picked privateer because i always pick the faction that opposes the mood of the game. i figured since i chose necromancer for my wizard101 character, the privateer has the same connection with the game. also if you're a pirate that leads a crew, you want to be the best leader possible. Privateers rock!

Nov 04, 2010
I chose Privateer and musketeer. I love the idea of feeling like a pirate! Pirate101 all the way!

Clever Cole,"The Perfectionist."

Mar 05, 2012
I picked swashbuckler cause i like using dual swords.

Trustworthy David Taylor.

Aug 21, 2009
I love the musketeer the most. My second character is a swashbuckler. I don't like swords as much as guns in this game so my swashbuckler is kinda different as it has foregone the stabby weapons bonus its class gets and has instead gone with pistol and slashy sword. I have no interest in the bucaneer nor really the privateer eventhough it is good with slashy weapons and could make use of the pistol slashy sword combination. The witchdoctor I shy away from as I am not yet convinced that it will be able to hit anything at the higher levels with such a low accuracy percent, I am also worried about its dodge and I really am not into summoning spells (I've never liked playing with those in games but understand that others do).

Dec 28, 2008
I chose the Swashbuckler class because I thought it worked well for my character. She is a sneaky woman who hides in the shadows, but is also willing to make strong and powerful attacks when ready to strike. She had her parents shot by the Armada at a very young age. Then, she grew up in the dirtiest of streets in Scrimshaw, being as sneaky as a Wharf Rat, wanting to be the richest pirate in history, and also wants revenge on the Armada, and get rid of Kane for good. She was arrested obviously for defending her best friend's honor.

She's a street smart pirate, with goals and ambitions, and she will complete them.


May 28, 2009
My first was a Muskateer. I've added to the story a bit:

Charlie was the son of two bandit pirates form Cool Ranch. A natural shot and inventor at a young age, he loved exparimenting with new contraptions until, about 7 years ago, he found out from a friend that his parents had been killed by Armada Clockwork patrols.

A family friend from Marleybone and redcoat engineer, James Cog, took him in. Torn between his love of machines and the fact that his parents died fighting some, he began to look into it and discovered that something had gone wrong in the programming of the Armada. His adopted father revealed that he had discovered this too, but could not prove it. Charlie's parents where trying to find that prof when they were attacked by the Armada to cover it up. He forgave his new father, but James still feels responsible for what happened.

Wanting to make a difference, James, Charlie, and a group of allies in Marleybone decided to aid the Valincian rebels by sending some weapons and devices they were working on to the rebels. The spark riffles were well hidden in hey bails and yum barrels, and Charlie set off with papers marking him a proper merchant from Marleybone. However, even though there was no clue he was up to anything, the Armada still boarded his ship, "arrested" him and his crew without charges, and confiscated his cargo before they knew the guns were even there.

After busting out, Charlie Cog has dedicated himself to fighting the corrupt clockworks and all those who use technology to do wrong.

Oct 01, 2010
When I first read the pirate classes on this site, I was kind of between picking Buccaneer and Swashbuckler. After some thought, I went with Buccaneer for they can do big damage while enduring hits as well.
My pirate's tale: Humble Jack Jackson was a fine young lad. He shared the love of adventure that his parents also had. Sadly, that adventure within his parents made Jack lose his parents when they went missing during a treasure hunt. Jack was taken in by a family friend from Mooshu and he learned the arts of the Samoori and the Ninja Pigs. During his training, he met Kobe, a fine bull Samoori who trained many a day with Jack. Years past and Jack became a fine warrior with not just sword, but spear as well from some mercents from Skull Island. He came across a peasant being violently questioned by some Armada troops. Jack decided to honor the Samoori code and protect this peasant. Unfortantly, this angred the Armada troops and they arrested him, and his pal Kobe. After being rescued from the Aramada ship bound for Skull Island, Jack decided that he should become a pirate like his parents were, in hopes that he might find them after they had gone missing mysteriously disappering many years ago while they were on a treasure hunt.

See ye all in the Spiral and Skyways:
Pirate101: Humble Jack Jackson, lvl 13 Buccaneer
Wizard101: Paul Legenddreamer, lvl 79 death
Jack Legneddreamer, lvl 53 balance
Aedan Legenddreamer, lvl 37 fire

Petty Officer
Dec 16, 2010
My first character was Privateer, but I wanted to have a change and go for Swashbuckler. And I love Swashbuckler even more. Here is my Pirate's story:

Valeria Xavier was the proud daughter of Blaze and Pearl Xavier. She was a born duelist; agile, sneaky the perfect combination for a Swashbuckler. She was intrigued in learning growing up in Grizzleheim, to learn there toughness and become an even better Swashbuckler. She set off for Grizzleheim at the age of 5. 3 years later she learned her parents died of mutiny. She was never exactly close with her parents, but there deaths made her work harder and become an even better Swashbuckler. When she was in Grizzleheim for those 2 years she grown fond with a bear and he raised her after he heard her parents died. She adopted the name Silver in memory of the bear who raised her. Silver Valeria Xavier later continued her adventures. She settled in Mooshu to become a better warrior. Her trainer was Subodai, and they grew closer together as the years went by. At the age of 14 Valeria was a skilled Swashbuckler and was ready to take on the skyways.

~Silver Valeria Xavier

Blaze Xavier was a witchdoctor born from the very own lands of Krokotopia. As a young child he was intrigued in magic and decided to take on the art of witchdoctory. He soon moved to Skull Island to take a teaching job as the witchdoctor teacher. He soon died afterward and named Vadima his most trustworthy student to take his place

Pearl Xavier was a finesse Swashbuckler herself. She grew up on the very lands of Skull Island. She was brave, courages and daring. Her parents were said to be cunning, and mutineers. They never paid attention to there own daughter, so Pearl raised herself and taught herself the art of dueling. She became skilled and fell in love with swashbuckling.

Oct 31, 2009
I chose swashbuckler because i am a fan of damage. Here is the story; David laveer was sailing in the sky ways whith his parents and his guardian subodai, they where sailing in the sky ways when they where attacked by an armada ship, outmatched by the armada's superior ship, a canon was fired and david was knocked out, only to be awaken in strange place called marleybone , he then finds out of his parents death. There he is trained by subodai the arts of swashbuckler.There he also learns the art of shooting ( marleybone dogs are musketeers which is my secondary school because i have a slashy/shoot weapon) 3 years after he sees subodai is being arrested by the armada for helping an innocent old person, trying to defend his best friends honor he and subodai are transported to an armada prisoner ship where he meets deacon and states that it was his people that killed his parents, There he is locked up along with his best friend subodai............... the sequel is when you get rescued by booch beard and the monkey

May 10, 2010
I chose all classes, because they are all fun and different from eachother.

Dead-Eye Steven Strong level 50 Buccaneer
Dead-Eye Alexander Deveraux level 50 Musketeer
Crazy Christopher Cringle level 50 SwashBuckler
Wicked Wolf Whitman level 50 WitchDoctor
Humble Hunter Hawkins level 34 Privateer
Stubborn Stephanie Stern level 25 SwashBuckler

I chose the swashbuckler twice, because I wanted to see the difference without training peaceful as a talent.

Oct 09, 2012
I chose Buccaneer cause i love Kobe and they are the strongest class

My characters parents died by the Armada and he was saved by Kobe and they trained in Grizzleheim.And there he became a Buccaneer.On a quest to see if his parents were alive he got captured bye kanes spymaster Deacon.

Feb 07, 2009
My first was a buccineer.i heard that they could have more companions then others but maybe it was that they are the most common companions.i loved finding many places mentioned in w101.

Aug 09, 2011
I chose Privateer because they helped you out.

I chose that my parents died by shipwreck on account of treasure hunting.

I chose that I was raised in Mooshu (random decision)

Here is Cautious Joseph's story: Cautious Joseph was little when his parents got shipwrecked, in search of El Dorado. His parent's caretaker for Joesph was Egg Shen, who broke the news. They went with Ninja Pigs, and the Ninja Pigs put him on Deacon's ship to work as a deckhand for pay. Egg Shen was already arrested for trying to get money from Marleybone, but was caught by the Armada. Cautious Joseph stole 5 gold to get a ticket on the Emperor's Galleon, to work as a deckhand. Deacon discovered him, and threw him in the brig. That's when he met Boochbeard and Gandry.

Feb 18, 2010
CaptainAureus on Nov 4, 2012 wrote:
I chose swashbuckler because I heard they did most damage and I love doing flips with swords.

The story of my pirate is this. His parents were killed by the Armada. I thought making him want revenge for their death would add greatly to the story.

I chose he was raised in Grizzlehiem because allot of my family heritage is Nordic European, such as Vikings and stuff like that.

That's my character's story. Get revenge and get rich.

~Bloody Wolf Freeman~
Hey wolf great story I have seen you in Avery's Court many time before. From: Pleasent Morgrim Strong level 15

Feb 18, 2010
Here is my story, My name is Pleasent Morgrim Strong I am a level 15 witchdoctor I am a orphan. It all started when my parents were out sailing hunting for gold when they got sucked up by a tornado! I got worried when they did not come home for days so I went out and searched for them I had went everywhere for them. I had been to Dragonspyre, Grizzleheim, and Kroketopia. But I never found them but that did not stop me. So I went into the oasis in kroketopia but I was not allowed to so I got thrown into a dungeon by the kroks. And they forced me to do pit fighting so I did but in the middle of my first match I ran for my life and excaped and sailed away! 'that was so close' I said. 'I need to learn somthing about fighting' I said. So I did I studied magic even though the armada said you should not but I did and I got caught and locked up in there jail cells on there ship. The end I hope you liked my pirates story and bye!

May 02, 2009
I chose all the classes

  • My Buccaneer is a skilled brute whose parents were betrayed by their own crew. He grew up in Grizzleheim and was arrested when he got in a brawl with the Armada when they failed in attempt to forcefully make Grizzleheim a colony of theirs.
  • My Witchdoctor is skilled in the ways of mysitcal magic. His parents were lost in a storm when he was attending a boarding school in Krokotopia. Since he had no money to pay the tution, he took up a staff and became a deathly pit fighter, until the Aramada caught him using hoodoo.
  • My Privateer is a nice guy who can make even the meanest of brutes and the ugliest of witches follow him. He was raised to be a warrior in Mooshu while his parents went off to find treasure. Nothing was heard from them again. He ran into the Armada after he got caught in a Naval battle between Marleybone and them. The Armada his took him for an ally of Marleybone and took him captive.
  • My Swashbuckler is a merciless fellow. Raised by pirates since birth on the dirty docks of Scrimshaw. Once, he and his rat friend (not Milo Graytail or Malik nor Ratbeard) snuck into a cargo ship and sailed unknowingly to Valencia. After having raised some trouble, an Armada guard insulted his rat friend and he went into a duel with the troop. On the verge of victory, the Armada goon cheated and arrested both of them, but his rat friend wasn't as lucky as he was.
  • My Musketeer has a keener eye than Ol' Fish Eye. Raised in Marleybone to be a Redcoat while his parents were struck down by the Armada. So, he snuck into Valencia to give Marleybone an advantage in an upcoming war with Valencia, but he was caught in the process.

Nov 03, 2012
MasterOfSteel on Nov 2, 2012 wrote:
So guys which class did you chose? leave the story you picked below
I picked privateer because I think its original
P.S. commen sense privateer-pirateer