which armada class would you be?

May 13, 2011
ever since i was thinking of an "armada mode" for gameplay, i was wondering what people wanted their class to be, so this is the question: if you were an armada trooper, what class would you be?

in case you dont know about all the classes, here they are:

marine: this is the standard front line soldier and is encountered as early as skull island. with their epic "hold the line", they stop the player from reaching their squishy teammates

musketeer: they prefer to shoot from afar and are encountered in skull island alongside the marines. their high accuracy along with the epic "quick adjust", they almost never miss

battle angel: the only female clockwork and first seen in the tutorial, but fought in marleybone. they have a sword and pistol, but prefer to fight up close anyways. i still dont know what epics battle angels have

dragoon: monstrous clockworks topping anyone in size. they are first seen in the tutorial, but are fought in marleybone, similarly to the battle angels, their agile counterpart. with their cheat "steely resolve", they use their autocannon to shoot any musketeer who dares use their gun

so which class would you be? i would be the dragoon. i like tanks

Aug 08, 2012
Probably battle angel, (I LOVE swashbuckles!)

Petty Officer
Jul 25, 2013
mine would probably be the dragoon too, but here is a couple more changes, too more catgories:
armada officer: like Deacon, it carries one pistol and does a group heal
armada mage: like Bishop( for those of you who dont know him he is a armada witchdoctor countered later in Marleybone) this is pretty much a witchdoctor version of a clockwork, it carries a clockwork gear wand
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