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Where Did My Old Posts Go?

Oct 12, 2010
Ahoy One-eyed Jack! I have a question. Do my old posts still exist?
I was searching for my posts that I created along time ago under "Search By Author", and I didn't find anything that I was looking for when I used my name. I recently changed my name from "AwesomePirate540" to "The Triumphant Buccaneer" (Thank you One-eyed Jack) and I used "The Triumphant Buccaneer" in the search box, I tried "AwesomePirate540" But that didn't give me anything at all. I want to know if they actually got deleted, and if so, how would I Revive them?

(I hope this was supposed to go into "The Tavern" instead of "A Pirates Life", I was just confused)

Jul 16, 2014

If the posts were old (and part of archived topics) they were archived as well and won't be recovered.

*Bonnie Anne, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*