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When you lose friends

Sep 29, 2010
Over the time you've played Pirate101, or even Wizard101, how have you reacted to close friends leaving the game, or deleting you from your list? Did you get over it quickly, did you go out of your way to possibly find them running around somewhere, or did you go into a depressed state, wondering where they are? I have lost allot of friends on Wizard101 and even Pirate101 over the course of my time playing them. Some either got too busy to play, some got bored of it and some left for other reasons. Some were easy to let go, others were harder to let go, but I learned that I needed to keep my head held up high and continue on with my quest. What friends have you lost (if any) over the course of time you spent playing KI's games?

~Bloody Wolf Freeman~

Oct 27, 2009
It can be hard when friends you enjoy playing with are not there on the game anymore. It makes me sad too. I try to hope the reason they are not on is because they are too busy with good stuff in real life. Sometimes people moved and that was busy for them for months. I try to keep them on my list if I can, so when they come back we can play together again. It has happened, once someone reappeared after being gone almost a couple years. I try not to get too down about it or take it personally, because there are so many reasons a person might be away from the game that have nothing to do with me. Some of them race through quests, disappear, then return with the next new world added.
If you find you are getting deleted from people's list's often, you might want to check your own style. Are you trying to swear around filters? Frequently asking help on quests you can do fine solo? Not taking no for an answer? Not answering when they ask what you need help with? Trying to get personal information? Porting to them in areas way above your level and bringing more monsters into the fight(without asking first)? Asking for help on fights and running off as soon as you get what you want, without even a thank you? Being a stalker, asking for dates? I'm not saying you do that. Those are just some of the common reasons people get deleted from people's lists. You might also be making friends with people who just delete friends often, and continually rotate their friend lists.

Petty Officer
Oct 04, 2012
People spam friend requests. If you accept a lot of these it is very easy to lose track of names given that a lot of them are very similar. I have accidentally removed good friends before while trying to clear my list.

The other thing is that people often use friends to help them without offering help in return. It should be give and take.

Petty Officer
May 22, 2011
I actually think a lot of my friends have quit, and I'm kind of sad. I know they were at the previous level cap, and would have loved this update. I swear, if any of you know a Fair Esperanza Drighton, and haven't been playing recently, please do! I miss my friends! You guys were so helpful, I'm sad you aren't around anymore.

Sadly Yours

E. Drighton level 48 Swashbuckler

P.S I really miss those guys

Feb 29, 2012
Losing a friend? Oh Kroks, I know that feeling too well.... It depends on who it is. If its a closer friend of mine (Ellie, Cody, etc) I go out of my way trying to find them, sometimes asking others if they've seen anyone like that around. After a while I get rather upset.

Worse friends... If they delete me first, I hate to admit it, but I am usually quite happy for the rest of the day. I feel guilt because of it, but if they're mean or rude then I delete them, or they delete me, I feel great...

For my extremely close friends, (some of which I haven't seen in a while, namely Ellie and Cody...) I take it hardly. Really hardly.