When to expect an expansion

Sep 29, 2010
Hello KI, I went onto test realm yesterday, and I really enjoyed all the bug fixes you made. My biggest hope was to see an "!" above Captain Avery with the next chapter, but, when I entered his office and saw no "!", I was devastated. Are you simply working out ALL the bugs and glitches before adding the next world, or is the next world very advanced and require allot of planning and fine tuning? (Someone said it was MarleyBone) I'm not rushing you KI, I'm just very curious. I want to find that city of gold, with waterfalls of pearls and diamonds and streets paved with platinum and finally get revenge on the Armada for killing my parents. (I really get into character when I play video games) So anyway, just wondering when to expect an expansion, if that information isn't classified.

~Bloody Wolf Freeman~

Please see this thread for more information: click.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*