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What's your Pirate's backstory?

Dec 06, 2012
Captain Blaze Hunt... on Apr 26, 2016 wrote:
Thanks, did the story and cat make you laugh?

Gunner's Mate
Feb 26, 2013
In his early days, Owen was a very bright and kind-hearted kid. He always was a smiler and all of the crew adored him. They knew one day he would be as charismatic and courageous as his parents. Life was fantastic. He quickly grew up learning how to expertly command a crew by the age of 7. He made many friends and his parents loved him and nurtured him. They also homeschooled him, since pirates don't have time for 'proper' education!

Then, when he was 8, everything changed.

One day he woke up to screaming and hollering. He ran up to the main deck just in time to watch the ship ram headfirst into an island. Supplies were scattered everywhere, crewmates were lost (including Owen's greatest friend, Lucky Jack Russell), and so were Owen's parents. When he came to, he was buried in sand and surrounded by the wreck of The Gentle Giant, their ship. Heartbroken, the young boy came upon his parents bodies. He took his father's favorite sword and his mother's trusty flintlock and was forced to make it on his own.

The island was beautiful and thankfully easy to survive off of. Owen grew to be strong and fit, until the age of 12 when another ship landed on the island, looking for something to plunder and pillage. The cutthroats on the ship tried to capture Owen and sell him to the highest bidder, but he was having none of it. He single-handedly defeated all of them and stole their ship. For the next 4 years until he was 16, Owen made a living as an amateur pirate.

That is, until he became a citizen of Valencia and was caught conspiring against the Armada while in Skull Island. He was charged with Treason and sentenced to death for his crimes. He was jailed aboard The Erebus and was to be shipped immediately to Valencia.

Then, well, you know the rest of the story :p

Cpt. Cruel Owen Quarrel, Level 65 Dungeon Master

Sep 14, 2015
darkmoordude on Apr 26, 2016 wrote:
Thanks, did the story and cat make you laugh?
I sure did!

Aug 22, 2011
(Since my character is a witchdoctor who looks sorta like my main Wiz101 wizard, I decided, hey, why can't they be related? )

After triumphantly defeating the evil Morganthe, Rowan Silverstrider (awesome balance wizard extraordinaire!) decided to spend the rest of her time travelling the world in search of buried treasure! She worked on her own for a while, building up a fairly solid crew (Lucky Jack Russell among them!) but eventually left that crew to join up with Marco Pollo to search for El Dorado. Also, at some point, she had a daughter named Zoe Bellamy (me!!). Being the great mother that she is, Rowan left her young daughter in the care of some good Mander friends on Krokotopia and left for El Dorado. However, she was shipwrecked at some point along the journey, so little Zoe grew up with her new Mander family in Krokotopia. They taught her how to use her witchdoctor powers there! Eventually of course, Zoe slipped up a bit and showed off her hoodoo skills in front of a couple of Armada officers. She was thrown into the brig... and, well, we all know what happened after that!

Petty Officer
May 17, 2011
My pirate had to grow up on the street's of Scrimshaw after his parent's were killed by the Armada. He had to resort to thievery to survive. That's when he was given the nickname "Cunning" Nicholas Sharp. One day, one of his closest friends on Scrimshaw told him that he found out that pretty much every other member of the Sharp family were prestigious pirates. Once he heard about this, he knew he had to live up to his legacy. He saved up his (admittedly stolen) gold until he could buy a ship, and took up piracy for a living.

While travelling through Mooshu, he met another pirate by the name of Black Lucas Harningold (or however you spell that name, I forget) and they decided that they would become partners-in-piracy. Eventually, Nicholas found out that it was the Armada that killed his parents. He swore revenge, and he and Lucas decided to make a plan. Nicholas would go challenge the Armada Officer positioned in the area to a dual, while Lucas and his crew would secretly blow up the Armada Fortress nearby. The plan utterly failed, as Nicholas and his crew were dominated by the clockworks and Lucas was captured while he was explaining the plan to his crew. They were on separate ships, but 2 pirates by the names of Boochbeard and Mr. Gandry saved both of them, and they met up in Skull Island, where they continued adventuring together...

P.S. Lucas is my actual game partner, so I decided to throw him in to explain how we started working together.

Mar 24, 2013
I have 6 pirate characters, each have thire own story to tell. Here is one of them, in this post it will be the .

Name-Jessica Orton ( last of her own family )
Occupation- Pirate Swashbuckler
Motive- To become a master
Hometown- Aquila

Jessica was born in the beautiful place called Aquila, there she learned the rich history of the place. She was trained at an early age, to the art of stealth and deception. Her parents, moved from Valencia to have an adventure of a life time and were interested of trading. All went well,until the armada raise to power and didn't bode very well. On thire way to Skull Island to make an important shipment, out of no where a giant squid appeared and the ship was under attack.Many were lost, including her parents, her brother ( older) Jeffery and her sister( also older ) Vanessa. She was the only one left, last of her own family. A bear family rescued her, to be raised in Girzzlehim, there she learned to grow nice and strong, learned about the culture and she learned fast of what they taught her.

One day she was sailing to deliver an important shipment to Polaris, it was an Armada ambushed.Everyone fought back, they failed and took over the ship, she was held for 3 months in the Valencian dungeon. One day the armada took her to a ship to transfer her in the Korkotopia dungeon, along with the Horse Khan. She thought this is over, until a Monkey and an Elder pirate break her free, along with her friend Horse Khan. There she meet Captain Avery and possibly the other 5 pirate characters. She didn't got along initially with Mr.Avery, however they became friends and this is how Jessica's story started.

Jun 02, 2013
I don't if I have already posted here but I feel this is interesting and needs to be shared

Young Daniels life had begun on Unocolom in Aquila, home to the Cyclopes of Aquila
But Daniel was different to his parents, where as they disguised as humans Daniel was a human!
Daniel had miraculously manifested a second eye and was much more human than cyclops
Nevertheless his parents took him as their own, his father ajaxiles taught him how to use weapons with two hands at the age of 4, his father brought in heavy ophidian swords, spears from arrogant Monquistadors and all sorts of heavyweighted arms,one day while going undercover as humans into Andaluisan skyway, Valencia his parents returned with strange axes with these weird roundish symbols on them, Ajaxiles was to make this his first weapon to use in combat by the time he turned 5, as they steel was very high in quality thus making it light enough for little Daniel to use
At the day of his birthday all the cyclops had gathered at Ajaxiles and Jenny's house to celebrate the 5th birthday of their strange addition to Unocolom, Daniel was overjoyed and content with his new gifts and when it got to the last one his father handed him the shining steel axe and softly whispered to him "I love you more and more each day I see you smile Daniel"
Unfortunately the Cyclopes were caught off guard by the celebrations
Armada Marines saw young Daniel holding an Armada axe and ordered to use whatever means necessary to imprison all of the Cyclops and the human boy
Cyclopes rushed towards the marines unluckily they managed to hold the line and let the marksman mow down the hordes Cyclopes
Jenny rushed towards a marksman whose gun was aimed at the terrified Daniel who clutched his axe tightly
Jenny acted to rashly and a marine swung at her tearing her in half
Ajaxiles was next on the Armada's to kill list and he had a dozen marines and sharpshooters to tackled

Continued below

Jun 02, 2013
Ajaxiles knew it was impossible and let the marines shove him to the ground at it was their that Ajaxiles delivered his last words "do not forget how much your parents love you my son, be strong!" Suddenly a big went off and an Armada musketeer had executed his father
Soon 2 Marines grabbed Daniel stole his precious axe and shoved him aboard the clockwork ship
Weeks on from the tragic incident Daniel was focusing on his stomach and realised he was starving as the ship he was captured on just entered Grizzlheim through an unstable spiral thread
Daniel heard thumps and strange sounds coming from the armada gaurds
Soon afterwards strange furry creatures entered the ship and broke Daniel out and on the way he stole an axe and he looked at it with sadness from his parents death and excitement because this one had gold on it Daniel was later sailed away to a small village where he was taken in by a bear who was called Laarn
The village he soon discovered were full of resistance fighters for if Grizzleheim ever required protection on their lands
Laarn explained to Daniel that the Armada needed a stormgate to the wizards and Grizzleheim ambassador Knut Honeypaw had kindly denied Casimir access yet he finds the clockworks attempting to sail in there regardless of what we say
Daniel had lived with alarm Laarn and other bears till the age of 10 that was when the armada had had enough
The armada desperately wanted passage to Wizard City and Typhon an armada commander had arrived on our doorstep
Laarn warned Daniel of the danger, told him to grab his possessions and find a captain to sale him away from here to warn all of wintertusk skyway that the Amrada were launching a full attack but the armada had different plans, they intercepted the slower vessel killed the captain and reimprisoned Daniel and the former Captains crew
And you know the story from there!
Enjoyed it?

Feb 23, 2011
(Modest) Ulysses Voss' parents were killed by Armada soldiers on the Isle of Doom (Looking for riches) after Ulysses was left in the care of friendly Wharf Rats in Scrimshaw. After the Rats learned of their deaths, they took care of him, teaching him the ways of fighting and thievery in Scrimshaw. Ulysses became a master thief, stealing anything from Gold and bread to the clothes off someone's back; And if anyone were to confront him, he would breeze past the battle. It seemed no one could catch him... until the Armada came into Scrimshaw learning the son of the couple who went to El Dorado was there. Deacon commanded the soldiers to look for him. Ulysses' caretakers did everything in their power to defend him but it was all in vain. They too died, but right in front of his eyes. He tried to run but was cornered by Armada Marines and Musketeers. Ulysses was too slow and he knew it. The soldiers took him as prisoner and put him in down below in The Erebus.....