whats your most favorite class teacher

Cute Stuff Commoner
Aug 04, 2010
whats your most favorite class teacher

Puppy Lover
Dec 12, 2011
Probably the Witchdoctor's teacher (i love the eeriness she gives out). I also love the fact she has a dark history between herself and Darkmoor, but never dares to mention it (if you read about her in The Pirate's Story, she never talks about her homeland).

I always feel she'll tell us more about Darkmoor whenever we get ready to go there to fight... but until then, it's still a mystery...

Be Mine Beginner
Oct 30, 2012
I totally agree with the above!

Silver Luis Cog L57

Be Mine Beginner
Apr 21, 2009
Mordekai hands down.

I'm a Privateer and I'll go into the Buccaneer's den just to look at him.

Cute Stuff Commoner
Jun 10, 2013
I like The Commodore most. I love that he was in the Royal Navy.