whats your highest dodge challenge?

Gunner's Mate
Nov 27, 2009
hello everyone, i am just wondering what is the highest dodge rating you have ever boosted yourself/others to achieve?

sorry if the questions bad, ill give my example to help clarify

i have a max PT, and my friend has a max SB... now only using privateer powers, yes El Toro! (toro theme) counts as well...i managed to get my friends dodge past 300! (i think it was 367 but i cant remember exactly)

here are the rules; (aka how we did it)
1: feel free to buff yourself as well.
2: please use only 1 el torro for the boost
3: (recommended) grab a privateer (for the most buffs of course)
4: (recommended) grab a swashbuckler (since they train dodge anyway )

whats your highest dodge rating?

note: im NOT in this for the competition, i just want to see how high the community can get
also if i am missing anyone who can boost dodge as well, let me know, thanks.