What Wizard101 and Pirate101 mean to me.

Dec 11, 2010
Ever since I saw Wizard101 get advertised in a becklett magazine, I was always interested in it. Especially after I read about the different types of attacks.

When I was finally able to play I made several accounts that only did the free to play areas and only has a single character each on them. Eventually I made an account that became my permanate account for life.

My first character was an Ice Wizard named Destiny iceflame. (Fun fact her name means cold burn or even a blue fire)
When she was in Cyclops lane she met a particular wizard known as Sabrina Spellcaster. Sabrina was very kind and was a fantastic friend and mentor and was level 60. Overtime many new characters were made along with many friendships. Unfortunately one day after a long break Sabrina logged on and said she was going to a different game, this almost broke my will to play the game as I wouldn't be able to go to the same game she was going to. But when I was down, my friends from Wizard101 kept me going.
After many many years of playing I heard that Kingsisle apparently was making a brand new game to go along with Wizard101. A long while later the long awaited Pirate101 was revealed. Everyday I would go to the website to see if anything new was revealed. One day I got a map in the mail and always dreamed of what it could be. Eventually I started up and my first character a swashbuckler named Dead-Eye Tyler Collins. I quested a lot with my Ninja pig companion and from there I was hooked.

Kingsisle games are more then just games, they are amazing stories and challenge the creative mind. Each game allows you to play how you want and allows you to meet amazing people you wouldn't meet otherwise .(One good example is a great blogger by the name of, well you know him he is the friendliest one eyed rabbit you ever met) They teach problem-solving and strategy while being completely fun and interactive.
To me the games are also a great way to escape the real world that can be really harsh sometimes.

If you ever feel down just play either game and I am certain you will feel better in no time at all.

Forever follow the songs of destiny and dash towards the future