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What will be the next world?

Oct 28, 2012
Hello guys! I was thinking about what the next world will be. So I've done some thinking and kinda narrowed it down to Krokotopia. Why?! You know when you beat the game, and there is a krokotopian thing. But I think there would be amazing witchdoctors there! And I'm a witchdoctor so that means maybe NEW COMPANIONS
Yippie! And I hope you know how much I companions! Do you think we will might find new Bosses, Armada, crocodiles, new pets? etc. Post some thoughts down there! Sending you out........

Joshua Silver Level 65

Gunner's Mate
Oct 11, 2012
I'm not entirely sure about what is next in the Storyline, but I know Valencia is in the future. However, Kingsisle is known for drawing things out (well I might add) so it might be quite a while before we actually return there. If the next world is beloved Krok, I might just jump off the walls and ceiling with excitement. However, I would dread the fact that I might have to face the Well of Spirits (it's a long story). Well, is there another possible world out there?


Impish Omar Underwood

Feb 11, 2010
probably monquista or valencia part2, maybe polaris darkmoor or albion

May 23, 2012
Valencia pt 2 is 100 % for sure I also have high hopes for krockotopia . They might make an Albion skyway to Marlybone instead of a "whole knew world" (alladin song he he) . Polaris might be in the update after the next update but which ever way Polaris actuly comes doesn't matter what matters is if it becomes a world because Polaris is mentioned as a very important place .