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What was your favorite this year?

Mar 04, 2012
hi guys I can't believe it's December this year has flown by I still remember last years New Years ball drop and how much I couldn't wait to see what this year had in store and it's fully lived up to what I hope it would both in real life and in these wonderful games kingsisle made pirates got a new world and we finally got to battle Kane wizards just opened mirage ratbeard had a birthday pirates turned 4 years old and wizards turned 8 years old and so many more things I can't fit in this post I think we all can agree that kingsisle games helped to change many lives for the best we made friends and family that will never be forgotten on this amazing world of the spiral and I know this year isn't over yet but tell me what was some of your favorite memories of this year mine had to be making new friends and seeing how many wonderful stories have come and are yet to come seeing all the wonderful things all the community I can't wait to see next year and what surprises it will have till then marry Christmas and happy new year

Sep 17, 2012
I have to say my favorite thing this year was Valencia part2. I really loves playing more of the wonderful world of Pirate101. The conclusion of the first arc was very cool. Thank you KI.

First Mate
Nov 01, 2012
In February, my good friend Virtuous Dante Ramsey helped me through some irl problems while we farmed the metal guardian. He really helped me and I look back on those hours spent with him fondly.

Mar 24, 2013
My favorite moment this year was, in pirates entering the infamous Valencia 2 world. It's really a struggle to solo that world, however the rewards are great. Beating the final boss will put a smile to any pirate 101 players.

In wizard finally, I declare a main character it's my ice wizard Taylor Swift, just like my character in pirates Reckless Nicole Ramsey. Plus a cool promo mount, for a new world in thire 3rd arc storyline. I can't wait to finish the 2nd arc ( I just started the adventure ) story line as an ice wizard.