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What the heck?

Sep 10, 2009
I just got a new weapon called the blades of shade. It pretty much perfect for me, nice attack power, defense, armor piercing, and so on. But there is one problem the attack power doesn't improve do to my rank 3 stabby weapons and my rank 2 slashy weapons. I looked up the problem and people say its just a bug.
Does any one have this problem? Post down below and tell us whats up? Also if you solved the secret message post it down below.

**Edit by One-eyed Jack - sorry, no more secret messages. They can't be easily moderated and therefore must be removed**

May 29, 2009
Here is a thread that was made about this weapon & it's lack of talent bonuses. One-Eyed Jack even replied to say that they ARE working on it but it may be awhile before the fix is in place.