What Pop Culture References You'd Like To See

Community Leader
Yes, what kind of pop culture references you'd like to see be put in the game?
Be kid friendly when referencing something please.

For inspiration, check out this trend about what ALREADY exists in-game. https://www.pirate101.com/forum/the-tavern/pop-culture-reference-no-1-8ad6a4173ac55a38013ad835b0831f90

Cheers to you all! Can't wait to hear your ideas.

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May 24, 2009
I think that Adele would be ok, but the best one I could think of is the band Imagine Dragons. This band would be very easy to make quests for, I believe.
Some very kid friendly artists include Bridget Mendler or Debbie Ryan. You could also start doing Nickelodeon stars such as Miranda Cosgrove.
I am not so sure about these next characters, but they would be interesting to incorporate in the game for a few quests, like in Wizard101 with Selena Gomez. Some characters from the Hunger Games cast could be used. Just a few thoughts, and I hope this helps!

Have a Great Day!