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What pets have you received so far?

Gunner's Mate
Oct 22, 2011
So far, I've received:

Armadillo (drop)
Cameleon (drop)
Sky Snake (drop)
Tawny Sky Turtle (drop)
Jackalope (finishing Haunted Skyway quests)
Sky Dragon (Mooshu quest)

Of course, there are the pets from the bundles, but let's list ones you have received in the game. I'm curious to see what is out there, and what people have received as drops.


Dec 06, 2009
I actually got an ebon spectre drop, he hits quite a bit harder than any other pet I've found (despite similiar stats)

I can't remember for the life of me where I got him, but I want to say either Deacon or Captain Blood. If not, then I'm certain it was one of the early drops in Mooshu.

Apr 08, 2011
I got the same ones except for the Armadillo. What quest or boss did you get it from?

Aug 14, 2012
Also received Imperial LIon after completing Zhayu Tower Quest.

Merciless Martin Roland

Sep 19, 2012
I have received the jackalope and dragon from the badges, an ebon spectre and i have three chameleons. i am curious about the sky snake, armadillo and the turtle, do you remember where they dropped from? I know I had a turtle pet in beta but dont know where it dropped from, somewhere in mooshu is as far as I know.

Dec 02, 2009
I think the only one I have that you haven't already gotten is the Imperial Lion (aka Foo Lion) for completing all main and sides in MS.

Petty Officer
Jan 09, 2010
The only one I've recieved is the Sky Snake. I didn't notice straight away just found him in my inventory the other day (I assume he dropped from the Sky Snakes in Cool Ranch).

Gunner's Mate
Oct 22, 2011
SnookySnook on Nov 7, 2012 wrote:
I think the only one I have that you haven't already gotten is the Imperial Lion (aka Foo Lion) for completing all main and sides in MS.
I'm still searching for a side quest or two that I might have missed, and hope to obtain the Imperial Lion soon!

I received the armadillo after doing the Butch Chickadee dungeon in Cool Ranch. But, I know he drops elsewhere in Cool Ranch, including Santa Rana (Castillo Sapo), and many of the other dungeons. This was the same in Beta testing as well. I remember I got the armadillo fighting Santa Rana before.

The tawny sky turtle I received in Mooshu after a dungeon there. I believe it was the Fortress of Solitude but I'm not 100% sure, because I forgot to check my backpack for a while, but I know it was in Mooshu.

The sky snake (or I think it's actually a tropical snake?) I got in Cool Ranch in one of the Outlaw quests from Rooster Cogburn.

Sep 08, 2008
Actually, the Armadillo Verde, the Golden Stingtail, and the Tropical Sky snake all have a chance at dropping from the Duck with no Name boss.

However, the drops are Ultra super rare. Out of the entire time I spent (50 hours+ at least) fighting the Duck with no Name, I did not get a Armadillo until at least 40 hours into fighting. However, I got a second Armadillo just a day later. My mother had gotten the armadillo after only 6 fights! I did not get my Tropical Sky snake until my last bit of time spent fighting him.

2 Armadillos, 1 Sky snake, and 3 Scorpions.

Oct 01, 2010
I'm still in the third skyway area of Skull Island world right now (Tradewinds) and currently questing in the Gold Mines area. I only got one pet as a drop: the Orcaid Cameleon from the fight against Fin in the Skull Island temple. It's the first fight where you learn about allies (guys who fight with you, but you don't control). I was lucky enough to get the Cameleon during my first fight with him. The only other pet I have is the crab pet from the $10 GameStop gift card. Besides these 2 pets, I got no other pets.

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