What is your strategy?

Oct 16, 2012
*All of you walk into Fort Ticonderoga, and surprise me.*

Heya, my pirating comrades! Come take a seat. Have some Clockwork Yum.....or not. I'd recommend the REAL Yum for many good reasons! Uga Buga, Old Scratch, and Hoodoo Cornelius teamed up and learned the recipe for that accursed Clockwork Yum! Gracie is already using it as high-powered explosives for blowing up more holes into my diamond mines. Anyways, I have a question for all of you, my comrades in crime. I want to know what your strategies are in combat and in ship combat for defeating enemies! Do you attack right away, set up buffs, cast doubloons, what do you do? I power up right away and maybe use a Treasure Bath doubloon. In ship combat, I go all out! So, just tell ol' Michael what is you all do? In the meantime, help yourselves to a few treats! Mustang Sally and Bonnie Anne made some crumpets and tea, just in case none of you would want Explosive XX---I mean Clockwork Yum! Have fun, and I would love to hear your strategies! It might help out the newer players who happen by this post!