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What is your favourite critical hit?

Jun 02, 2013
Critical hits keep us on the edge of our seat, wether it comes from your team or the enemy you will always watch in awe at some, so post your favourite critical hits below

I have 3 in order are

1. Froggo Villa: Wow his critical hit is just completely slick, honestly if he ever gets a promotion just give him throwing knives instead of a guaranteed hit, it would make him as a companion come more alive.

2. Black Angus: Only recently did I discover just how cool he is when I recruited him a week back, ever since I saw his first critical hit, the western music and raw power of Angus really won me over and I was just sitting in my chair like. Now every time I use him I always make sure to boost the teams critical. I hope when I promote him he gets a guaranteed critical strike! (Can anyone confirm this?)

3. Mustang Sally: Lastly we have the fencer herself, her critical is really energetic and really screams girl power! If your looking to add some fatal feminism to your crew then Mustang Sally is where it's at!

So who rocks your favourite critical attack? Maybe your own Captain shows it how it's done on the battlefield? Or maybe your pet really puts it's training to good use, either way I really want to see below!

Oct 18, 2014
My Buccaneer, who goes by the name Silver Nathaniel, recently got Nikeeta as a companion and the critical hit... you best see for yourself.... It kinda flies into the air and... well... dowa it's buisness all over the enemy. Yuck.

Hardy Quinn

Or as he is known as on Wizard101 Angle Angle The Life Wizard

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
Kane's critical ( & music ) puts them all down - I can't help staring in horrified fascination, when he does that Deadly Frenzy ( even on me! )